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If wine is made from grapes, why aren’t all wines vegan? We asked our vegan wine expert Sumita Sarma to answer this very good question... Veganism has made a huge shift from being a mere fad amongst the few cult rebel counter-cultures of the 1980s to becoming a daily lifestyle for many of us regular citizens. Choosing a meat free alternative diet is a conscious decision for a growing number of millennials and other health-conscious people in today... read more

A truffle and Dom Pérignon dinner. What could be more hedonistic? Our friend, chef Sven-Hanson Britt, gives us a chef's eye view of a very special location and dinner... Coworth Park, Dorchester collection’s country house hotel in Ascot, is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit, and never had the chance. So, when chef Adam Smith uploaded his truffle en croute preparations to Instagram and showed the world what he was preparing for their collaborative... read more

Is red wine good for your heart?Just in case you needed another reason to drink red wine, there have been countless studies over the last decade suggesting that just one glass per day could help to prevent blood clots, lower cholesterol and dramatically improve the health of your heart. Sadly, there are many who doubt these claims, and it has even been suggested that you would have to drink as many as 60 glasses per day in order to feel... read more


Les Sources de Caudalie - Resort in Bordeaux

Castello la Leccia - Hotel in Tuscany

Bouvet Ladubay - Winery in the Loire Valley

Château de Berne - Hotel in Provence

Gerardo Cesari - Winery in Verona