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As demand for organic, biodynamic and ‘natural’ wines continues to grow across the UK, people often ask what these terms actually mean. Here’s our quick overview about these very special wine categories... Organic Wine Think of organic wine like organic fruit and vegetables. Organic wines are produced with organically grown grapes, which are grown in carefully managed vineyards without the intervention of pesticides or other chemicals. Certain additives, such as yeast or egg whites, are permitted,... read more

If you’ve left it too late again to find a Valentine’s present, a clever choice of bubbles can come in very handy indeed. Luckily for you, we’ve done the research and present below 6 wine choices at different price points with just the right nugget of information that will make your Valentine feel like you’ve thought about it for longer than thirty seconds. (Tip: pick up a steak on the way home and... read more

We’re a classy bunch in the UK, turns out. Forget French perfume, Belgian chocolates and silky Italian Lingerie; the way to a British heart is through our stomachs with grrrilled meat or steak as our top food choice to get us in the mood for love, so say the UK’s no.1 home delivery recipe box, HelloFresh. Smelling like a barbecue is the bigggest foodie turn-on According to sensory scientist Marcia Pelchat, it’s all about... read more


Les Sources de Caudalie - Resort in Bordeaux

Castello la Leccia - Hotel in Tuscany

Bouvet Ladubay - Winery in the Loire Valley

Château de Berne - Hotel in Provence

Gerardo Cesari - Winery in Verona