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Catalonia, an autonomous community of Spain, is well known for its vibrant cities, sandy beaches and relaxed, mediterranean way of life. From fresh Paella on the beach in Costa Brava to the distinctive ‘pinchos’ tapas dishes served on the Carrer de Blai in Barcelona, the cuisine is varied and flavoursome. Drawing inspiration from ingredients found in abundance along the Mediterranean coast, aubergine, garlic, tomatoes and other fresh vegetables feature heavily alongside many types of fish like tuna, anchovies... read more

Spotlight on Clos Figueras An introduction to the region In the 1980s, a group of wine enthusiasts led by René Barbier and Alvaro Palacios recognised the potential for producing world class wines in the Priorat - a wine region within Catalonia. They began to make their own wine in an abandoned chicken farm outside the village of Gratallops, eventually catching the attention of the international wine press and putting Priorat back on the map as one of the great... read more

Consumers' love for wine has not deteriorated even after so many years. Despite the fact that recent wine consumption figures have not picked up considerably, it certainly provides enough encouragement for wine entities to stay in the business. In 2012 wine consumption was 244 million hectoliters collectively, and the figures have remained nearly steady all these years. Apparently, quite a few European nations known as major wine producers have cut down on the harvest lately to be in sync with wine demand. ... read more

Summer is coming to an end in the northern hemisphere, and vineyards will soon show off their beautiful golden and red colors as temperatures mellow during the day and become pleasantly cool at night. It is the peak of the most beautiful and active season for winemakers and wine lovers: the grape harvest season! The grape harvest is a crucial part of the winemaking process because the moment that the grapes are picked determines the acidity, sweetness, and flavor of... read more

For many people a cruise is the ultimate holiday, a destination that stays the same yet is always moving, a base amidst the changing beauty of many a scenic port town hugging the sunny coastline. The Mediterranean captures our imagination as an exotic land of culture and history, good food, good wine, and sunsets over quiet waves. Many Europeans make what could almost be considered a pilgrimage to its shores every year, its very name conjuring up images of relaxation... read more

One of the nicest ways to holiday, if you are a wine lover, would be to hire a car and drive around your favourite wine regions, stopping to stay in interesting places and visiting wineries. Add to that, tasting the food and exploring wine regions, and you have a memorable wine holiday. One of my favourite regions is La Rioja. Spain's most special wine region has over 500 wineries and is a short distance away from other Spanish cities: Bilbao, San... read more

Spain has the largest surface area of vineyards in the world. It’s also the third largest wine producer on the planet which makes it harder to know which wineries to stop at when you visit Spain. Since Spain is a country full of tradition, know-how and wine history it is difficult to narrow the list of most famous wineries down to just 10, but the ones selected have been chosen because they are great wineries with beautiful architecture, high-quality... read more

What comes to mind when you think of Spanish wines? Maybe a trusty Rioja? Perhaps you’ve dipped your toe into the realm of Ribera Del Duero but you know it’s quite a trek from Madrid? While you may know Madrid is a foodies paradise, home to no less than 14 Michelin starred restaurants, you probably don't naturally associate this city by the mountains with interesting wines. But good news, there is more to the Spanish world of... read more

Catalunya is a varied and distinct region for its local peculiarities, that over the years is becoming even more interesting on a gastronomic and wine level. Here, we want to briefly tell you about the best wineries you can find in the area.  1. Clos Figueras was founded in 1997 when the entrepreneur and wine distributor Christopher Cannan decided to invest in an abandoned vineyard in the very heart of Priorat wine country, Gratallops. Christopher and his wife Charlotte purchased 18 hectares... read more

Rioja has got it all - from traditional bodegas and medieval caves to modern, jaw-dropping architectural cellars. Our regional expert, Jenny, names some of the best wineries to visit in Rioja. Check out our map to discover where the best wineries in Rioja are. Bodegas Muga in Haro - many consider it the best tasting room in Rioja. No appointments needed; just call in and taste! A tour of the winery is also not to be missed as this... read more