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There were no spittoons, just full glasses of generosity. As the dim light filtered through the cellar, the winemaker Dimitar delicately dipped the glass pipette into to French Oak barrel. He filled our glasses with the rich, golden liquid and our guide Vasil translated his sentiments. Both men stood proudly, waiting to see our immediate response to their oaked Chardonnay. “Nazdráve”, we toasted before tasting our third glass of the earthy Thracian Valley nectar and it... read more

Croatia is all about diversity! Diversity of geography, grape and terroir. It is about being surprised that there is a world class Pinot Noir being produced not more than 25 miles west of the capital, Zagreb, at the Korak winery, which lies in the Croatian Uplands region of PleŇ°ivica hills. It is also about being surprised that the discovery of wine is intimately and intricately connected to the locals and their food. What do I mean? The tradition of... read more