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We may not have flying cars, hoverboards or any of the other weird and wonderful gadgets that ‘Back to the Future’ predicted we’d have by now, but we do have something which, in our opinion, is considerably better. That’s right, the future has arrived, and it’s arrived in the form of Wine on Demand. You can now choose from a huge variety of high quality wines and have them delivered directly to... read more

December brings with it plenty of opportunities to let your hair down and enjoy the party season, as well as lots of cosy evenings for curling up on the sofa. Whatever the occasion, it’s a great time to enjoy all of your favourite seasonal treats like mince pies or a slice of brandy soaked Christmas pudding. To make sure you get the most out of every indulgent moment, we’ve got the low-down on the best sweet... read more

The wine! The wine! I used to hear this cry every Christmas as once again, my parents had spent so much time thinking about the menu, they’d forgotten all about buying the drinks. I had to get a job in wine just to sort them out. Specific recommendations can sometimes be tricky to find, so here are some go-to wine styles for all your traditional Christmas meal wine matching needs. Just in case you happen to be in... read more

Alsace is one of France’s most beautiful and unique regions, thanks to both its Germanic and French influences. One of the best times to go is in the winter, where the Alsatians host beautifully rustic, traditional Christmas markets. Each year, the arrival of the little wooden huts in the town squares of Alsace is a major event. The Christmas markets mark the return of time-honoured festivities and a world of delicious fragrances, delightful crafts and lights quickly takes... read more

It's never easy to find the perfect Christmas present for a friend or a loved one, but if they're a wine lover, here's a list of gifts that will certainly be to their taste!   1. Winerist Gift Voucher Price: Starting at £10 If you're looking to give the gift of wine and food travel, you're in good hands. Beautifully presented, the Winerist gift cards can be used to book any tour on Winerist.             ... read more

Food and Wine Spotlight on… Argentina Argentina has always been a fascinating destination for travellers, and as their wine industry continues to flourish, it is becoming a hot spot for wine-lovers and foodies to enjoy its bold and distinctive flavours. Argentina’s rolling hills and valleys produce the country’s famed Malbec, as well as an increasingly big variety of other grapes, with more vineyards being established each year. An increased international interest in Argentinian wine (we... read more

Spotlight on Highfield Estate Famed for its iconic Tuscan-style tower overlooking the Wairau Valley, its outstanding summer dining restaurant and to-die-for flagship wine (Elstree Cuvée Brut), it’s not hard to see why Highfield Estate is one of the most visited wineries in Marlborough.  Photo Credit: Highfield Estate History of a winelover’s favourite Named after an area in Ireland by its founders, the Walsh family, who purchased the 365-acre farm in 1935, Highfield Estate is... read more

Charismatic Zinfandel: our wine grape of the week We’re sure you’ve knocked back and enjoyed a few glasses of this bold, full-bodied wine made from black-skinned grapes grown in over 10 percent of California's vineyards, but do you know the details that will help earn you the title of Zin-pro? Zinfandel is a truly versatile grape and can be used in the production of dry reds, dry-style rosés, blush wines (known as White... read more

Recently at Winerist, we’ve been getting into a region that is not nearly as well known as it should be for making outstanding wines: Washington State. Here’s why you need to start paying attention to this classy, modern wine region. In a Nutshell: Although it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of U.S wines, Washington State actually ranks second (just behind California) in the production of premium wine... read more

Stretched along the mountains of central France, right out to the Atlantic, the Loire river winds its way through the fascinating wine region of the Loire Valley. The valley is split into four key sub-regions, the Nantais, nearest the Atlantic, Anjou-Saumur, in the heartland of the Loire, Touraine, 200 km inland, and the Central Vineyards, where the famous wines of Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé are made.   The key red grape varieties are ... read more