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Think you know everything about Scotch? Have you tasted the new single-malt-in-progress from the Isle of Raasay, the first legal whisky to be made on the island? If you have, then hat’s off. We’ve lusted after Lowland and Highland, salivated over Speyside and cooed over Campbeltown and Islay but now, there’s a new whisky distillery in da house and it’s on the Isle of Raasay. A Tiny Island Making Whisky For The... read more

You may have seen Peter's guide to the best whisky bars in Edinburgh recently and so if that has inspired you to go into a little more detail and take in a distillery visit, check out Peter's guide to five of the best whisky distillery and whisky experiences near Edinburgh... Although Edinburgh only has one whisky distillery – the North British, which produces grain whisky for blends such as The Famous Grouse and Johnnie Walker, and which looks more like... read more

Novices and experts alike associate champagne with celebration and luxury. But how can you decide which one you will enjoy most? Here’s a quick guide to how champagne is made and what the difference is between the key styles... What goes into champagne? Whilst it is rarely detailed on a label, champagne will always be made from one or, more commonly, a combination of three grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Each of these grapes has... read more

As National BBQ Week gets underway (you did know it was happening, right?), we get the lowdown from Jac Chandler about the meat smoking craze that’s sweeping the US and the UK. Here, Jac gives us his simple secrets for smoking meat on your own barbecue and tips on what to pair with different types of wood... Woods are not just for campfires anymore. Wood is flavor and we are going to exploit it! Yes! Yes, we are.... read more

As what the royals drank at the wedding last week was revealed (Pol Roger - shocker! Not English Sparkling Wine), we found another story about our future king and what he puts in the tank of his car… We should probably begin with the fairly important disclaimer that Prince Charles definitely has never been caught drink driving. And even if he had, we’re reasonably sure that Winerist wouldn’t be too concerned about reporting on it.... read more

Ask anyone who’s ever travelled to Edinburgh about their impression of Scotland’s capital and most will enthuse about the warm welcome they received. Whether it’s during the summer for the Fringe, the world’s biggest arts festival, or during the winter for Hogmanay, Scotland’s new year celebration, guests are guaranteed to be swept up in the excitement of visiting a city with a Unesco world heritage site at its centre. At... read more

What will you be drinking and what will THEY be drinking? The latter is a very good question and one that has been speculated about in the English wine trade ever since Harry popped the question and Meghan Markle said yes. Will it be the Queen’s own wine from Windsor Vineyard? Possibly too young yet to be delicious. Will it be Camel Valley with its shiny new royal warrant? Perhaps. The truth is, as I write, we don... read more

I can’t quite believe I actually just wrote that but then again, it’s hard to believe that vagina beer is actually A THING. We’re late to the party with this story it’s true, but that does not make it any less WTAF - and by that, we are not talking about Wine, Travel And Food… Order of Yoni beer (‘yoni’ is sanskrit for, well, vagina), is brewed with bacteria... read more

If you're a chocolate lover, and you also happen to have a love for wine, then these pairings are going to blow your mind! Whether you´re planning a romantic dinner or just to indulge yourself, wine and chocolate can be perfectly paired, but you do need to know how to make the right choice. If you liked our Easter piece on wine and chocolate matching, read on for some stunning wine and chocolate pairing ideas... Interesting facts... read more

There’s nothing more satisfying, when it comes to eating out, than finding somewhere cosy and welcoming, and being served exciting, beautifully executed food. Don’t get me wrong – a cosy pub with average food can still make a great afternoon, and an enviably twee Instagram, but when there are so many fantastic places in the UK that can offer both, why not aim higher? The word ‘gastropub’ doesn’t do these meals justice.... read more