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England Sparkling wine is the highlight of this country as of late. Yes, England makes still reds and whites, and even a few cheeky fortified wines. But within the past few years sparklings are where England shines brightest. In fact, just last year, English sparkling wine won over Champagne in a Paris blind tasting. Sacré bleu! Wine has been produced in England for hundreds of years, but it seems that only within the past decade or so have they... read more

Mendoza: Argentina’s largest and most important wine region. The climate and topography found here provide an ideal environment for the consistent production of high quality wine. Meanwhile, the rich selection of restaurants and bodegas (wineries) make this region a wine lover’s mecca and must-visit location on any oenological atlas. Comprised of three sub-regions (Maipú, Luján de Cuyo and Uco Valley) that span over 400km², knowing where to go and what to do... read more

Here is our selection of the best boat ride and wine tasting experiences combined to make your day or week a memorable one. Our experts have created for you the most exclusive tours. 1. Douro Valley Wine Tasting, River Cruise and Mateus Palace - Portugal The tour starts in the morning, with a stop at a splendid Portuguese Palace home to the famous Mateus rosé. After a stroll around the manor house and gardens, you will be taken to... read more

Bordeaux wine has been celebrated as the best wine in the world for hundreds of years. Leading the charge are the famous First Growths: Lafite, Latour, Mouton, Haut Brion and Margaux. While every wine lover in the world wants to visit these chateaux, gaining an invitation can be difficult. But don’t worry; with over 3000 estates in the greater Bordeaux area there are plenty of other amazing chateaux and elegant wines to enjoy. 1. A 5th Growth owned by... read more

Rioja has got it all - from traditional bodegas and medieval caves to modern, jaw-dropping architectural cellars. Our regional expert, Jenny, names some of the best wineries to visit in Rioja. Check out our map to discover where the best wineries in Rioja are. Bodegas Muga in Haro - many consider it the best tasting room in Rioja. No appointments needed; just call in and taste! A visit of the winery is also not to be missed as they... read more

  With continued technological advancements and massive investments in R&D, the wine production in Australia has achieved great heights in the course of the last 30 years. The country is currently the eighth largest wine producer in the world and the iconic New World wine nation. The production is concentrated in the southern part of the island, near the coast, where the climate is cooler, mediterranean. In particular the region of South Australia holds 50% of the national planted... read more

When you think of Eastern Europe, a long troubled history of war and hard-line Communist regime may well be what springs to mind. For years this part of the continent has remained nearly undiscovered - but things have changed.  Surreal, exciting and constantly surprising, Eastern Europe is an amazing warehouse of culture, history and architecture as well as picturesque scenery. What you’ll find is historic sights, heritage buildings, lakes, rivers, glorious countryside, cosmopolitan cities flavored with... read more

The Balkan region is a particularly interesting area of the world, and its ethnic diversity has contributed to unique cultural development; historically the area was known as a crossroads of cultures. It has contained a complex mix of religious groups, such as Eastern Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Roman Catholic Christians, and Jews; and was controled by strong countries that had an enormous influence. Examples have included the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire and later the Soviet Union and the Austrian Empire.... read more

The wine region Languedoc-Roussillon lies in the South of France and streches along the Mediterranean coastline, from the foothills of the Pyrenées to region of Provence: with its more then 300,000 hectars of vineyards is simply the biggest wine producing region in the world, responsible of more than a third of France's total wine production. It also gets 300 days of sunshine a year! The climate is very favourable for organic viticulture and many wineries in the... read more

Umbria, among the most suggestive and fascinating regions of Italy, is widely appreciated for its historical, cultural and artistic richness as well as for its beautiful landscapes. The hilly scenery is a constant feature throughout the region. From north to south, from east to west, in Umbria is a continuous up and down of hills and slopes - a green heart in which dominate the olive and the vine. The region, favored by a particularly mild climate, is of... read more