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It’s almost that time of the year for family, turkey, football, and of course, gearing up for Black Friday. Thanksgiving can be quite stressful from booking trips to juggling family. With so much on your plate, you shouldn’t have to worry about picking the right wines to complete the perfect Turkey Day feast. It’s difficult to find THE perfect wine to serve with the meal since Thanksgiving is a cornucopia of flavours. However, there... read more

With the annual festive craze coming to an end, relatives going home and friends coming back from Christmas and New Year trips, January finally comes to order. There is time to search and plan new exciting holidays and days out. Good news for wine lovers is that while Europe’s wine theme is in a state of a winter nap, the Southern Hemisphere is in full bloom, with harvest and wine events and festivals taking place all round in... read more

What’s happening in the vineyard? In the Northern Hemisphere, the young berries are starting to change colour and get bigger and softer. During this stage, the wine-grower needs to carefully look after his vines so that their flesh, tannins and flavour develop. Water is essential, and the newborn grapes also need to be protected from parasites and from the sun so that they don't get sunburnt. On the other hand, vignerons from the Southern Hemisphere can relax with... read more

Napa Valley is the epicenter of high quality US wines. This despite the fact Napa makes only 4% of California’s average annual wine production. Surprised? Well, it’s a pretty compact region (30 miles long and 5 miles wide – about twice the size of Manhattan). Its wines vary dramatically, not only because an astonishing one-half of the world’s soil formations appear there. The southern end of Napa is much cooler thanks to the sun-hiding fog that rolls... read more

From the seas of lavendar and Provence farmhouses, to the rolling hills and cypress trees of Tuscany, this miserable weather has us dreaming of our summer holidays! Tell us, where are you going this year wine lovers? 1. Bordeaux, France. Vote! 2. Rioja, Spain. Vote! 3. Burgundy, France. Vote! 4. Tuscany, Italy. Vote! 5. Provence, France. Vote! 6. Sicily, Italy. Vote! 7. Chateauneuf-du-Pape, France. Vote! 8. Croatia. Vote! 9. Napa Valley, California. Vote!  10. Santorini, Greece. Vote!     ... read more

The competition is now closed. Click here to see who the winner is!  Some of the winery dogs of Napa Valley are celebrities in the Californian wine world. We have pulled together some of our favourite vineyard dogs from Instagram for you to decide the winner.  Check out the images then vote below!  1. Meet Riley, the cute fluffball of Enriquez Winery in Sonoma, California. Vote for me! #Repost @enriquezwines ・・・
Riley our #vineyarddog loving life #thewinepoor #happy #wine ... read more

May is the perfect time for a vineyard visit, whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere! South of the equator, in Australia, South Africa and Argentina, harvest time is over and the fermentation process is just beginning with this year’s grapes. You might be lucky enough to sample some wine straight from the barrel! In the Northern hemisphere, in France, USA and Italy, as temperatures rise to between 15-20°C, flowering begins. Buds start to... read more

Can you guess the top 10 wine-producing regions in the world? | Create infographics Did you get them right? Whilst the European main players may be a given, some of the top 10 wine-producing countries of the world may surprise you. Read part one of our guide to the top 10 wine regions... 1. France Perhaps unsurprisingly, France takes the top position. Often seen as the birthplace of modern winemaking, the French have been cultivating their craft for centuries. French winemakers came up with the... read more

A new season is upon us, so it’s time to spring clean your wine rack! Check out our 6 delicious spring recipes for some food and wine pairing ideas.  Spring Lamb This amazing recipe is accompanied by a vegetable platter with mint sauce, Chianti gravy and chocolate fondue! The lamb works best with a smooth, powerful red wine. Chianti is already used in the recipe, so you can enjoy polishing off the rest of the bottle after all... read more

Napa Valley wine region is arguably the place that has put California wine on the map. Blogger, Rachel DiMattia, made two journeys to Napa in search of its best wineries. She discovered some great places along the way including boutique wineries and larger ones and shared her findings with us. The First Journey The first time I journeyed to Napa, it was a rainy day and my brother was kind enough to be the designated driver for my friend... read more