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A trip to the Douro valley is a must for wine lovers, whether you're a fan of Port in particular or Portuguese wines in general. More than 2,000 years of winemaking have shaped this UNESCO World Heritage Site into a unique, vine-terraced destination dotted with wineries that welcome visitors with attractive tasting rooms, dining and accommodation options.  However, driving a car along the narrow, winding roads that make their way up the dizzyingly steep slopes is not for everyone. So... read more

Stretching from Porto to the eastern border along the river, the Douro Valley is a once in a lifetime destination. Here is a list of the top wineries which offer wine tastings with a view. The Alto Douro wine region is known worldwide for its Port and has recently been classified Unesco World Heritage Site due to its wine production tradition. 1. Quinta de Guimaraes The quinta, typical name for a portuguese estate, is part of a 40 hectares estate overlooking the... read more

Port – the real stuff, from grapes grown in the terraced vineyards of the Douro and made into wine in and around Porto in Portugal – is one of the wine world’s oldest and most interesting pleasures. Port vineyards are one of the oldest demarcated and regulated farming areas in the world, and with over 250 years of history, you’d expect the wines to be beguiling, and you’d be right. With over two... read more

Alsace seems to be France’s best kept secret for food and wine lovers. With the highest proportion of Michelin star restaurants per head in the country, there’s a gourmet delight on every corner and often, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The wine has its own style and is exceptionally high in quality; even the top ‘Grand Cru’ wines offer amazing value for money when you compare them to some of the more famous... read more

From the stunning Santorini Island in Greece, to the exotic Casa Blanca Valley in Chile, with some stops in other wonderfuldestinations, we’ve selected the most spectacular wine regions of the world to show you why tasting wine in its splendid home can be an unforgettable experience. So, if you are a wine lover, you must add these destinations to your bucket list. Here is our top 10: SANTORINI, GREECE Our trip starts in Santorini, Greece. This island is immune... read more

I love wine and cheese on their own but i prefer them together. The two have been paired for thousands of years to create an enjoyable experience of the senses. But not every wine matches a cheese. We have to take into account the texture of the cheese, the intensity, the wine’s tannins to make sure we create a perfect marriage between the two. With the run up to Christmas, everyone appreciate the finer things in life a... read more

The English & Scottish Factor Port is an iconic wine with a lot of history made in the Douro Valley Portugal.  Many iconic brands were founded by Englishmen and Scots, think Taylor’s, Graham’s, Cockburn. The English / Scottish factor is due to historical commercial ties which resulted in the Port wine as we know it. Here is what happened! Portugal has been making wine for thousands of years and wine became an important export since 1174,... read more

Whether you like it tannic or light, smoky or fruity, new or old world, young or old, there is a perfect wine region for every red wine lover. Winerist's customers that travelled with us in 2015 loved the wine regions below, which were most in demand. Of course, there are some famous names which are synonymous with popular and widely available wines. As wine lovers get to experiment with new wine regions and grape varieties, we will see a shift to... read more

Portugal’s Douro Valley is one of the oldest and most beautiful wine regions in the world. Wine has been made here for 2000 years and it was the birthplace of Port wine! Douro makes the perfect holiday destination for wine lovers looking for history, culture and a bit of sun. Discover our 7 great wine and food tours in Douro to help you plan your next visit. 1. Douro Valley Wine Tasting, River Cruise & Mateus Palace During this full-day tour... read more

Two years ago I was lucky to discover Portugal - a beautiful country with wonderful people, great wines and delicious food. This year I had the opportunity to experience Portugal again and wanted to share my experience! It's hard to fit everything in and I'm sure no one would be interested in a post with hundreds of pictures and thousands of words, so I've tried to squeeze in all the best bits.   I want to start with the wonderful... read more