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Here is our Top 10 Wine and Food Guide for Piedmont PLACES TO STAY Relais Monforte Set in the Langhe countryside, surrounded by vineyards and a private golf course, Relais Monforte is style, luxury and comfort all rolled into one. This refurbished farmhouse features a swimming pool, a wellness centre, and a gourmet restaurant. From £87 per room. Photo: Relais Monforte Albergo l'Ostelliere Set in the hills of Monterotondo di Gavi, Albergo l'Ostelliere offers stunning views of the surrounding vineyards... read more

France provides the perfect setting on your journey to becoming a wine connoisseur. For today, we have picked boutique hotels which boast private wineries and private wine cellars for the ultimate French experience. Paired with experiences across some of the world's most loved wine travel destinations our hotels in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Languedoc-Rousillon will give you the chance to dig deep into wine! Château des Briottières - Loire While visiting the Loire Valley, its vineyards... read more

Facts: did you know? Which grapes are used in the Champagne blend? A great combination of Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but it can also be only one or two grapes, according to the area and the process. What is the Champagne appellation? It’s what makes Champagne so special, a unique terroir and the exclusivity of production within the appellation. How many Champagne producers are there? About 20,000 vine growers but only 5,000 of whom make their own Champagne. ... read more

Rich in centuries of history and ancestral know-how, Provence brims with wonders to be discovered. From the Vaucluse to the Alpes-Maritimes, the region has something for everyone. Provençal life is a unique art de vivre where tourists and locals alike are invited to take part. From admiring the sunrise above the lavender fields to falling asleep with the cicada song, a day in Provence is definitely a day to remember. More than its sunny climate, Provence is home... read more

The romantic Loire Valley invites history and wine lovers to stroll around its magnificent chateaux and vineyards. Its outstanding cultural landscape will make you want to wander for a few days along the river. Moreover, the Loire is home to charming villages where the French “art de vivre” has been kept to perfection. Discover our selection of best tours and places to stay in the region. Top 3 Loire Valley Tours Full-day Chambord and Chenonceau Châteaux Along... read more

With its blend of German and Roman influences, Alsace is home to one of the oldest wine routes in France. Stretching from north to south, the 170km wine trail goes through over 70 wine-growing villages. Beyond its vineyards, Alsace is also a fantastic food destination gathering a countless number of top restaurants. We have made for you a lovely 4-day selection of wineries, hotels and restaurants. Want to know more on how to treat yourself to a unique weekend in Alsace?... read more

Winerist had a quick chat with Laura Fiore, Sales and Marketing Manager at Hotel Castello di Casole. We wanted to know more about this Italian jewel and what makes it so very special. The restoration of this famous and picturesque Hotel in the heart of Tuscany's hills, surrounded by cypress trees, vines as far as the eye can see and vineyards will amaze any wine traveler. You can book your next stay here, but first find out more about the... read more

At Winerist, we are in love with beautiful Tuscany. With its stunning landscapes, its beautiful architecture and rich history and culture. It's so easy to fall in love with this incredible place. To help you get started with planning a trip, we've put together our Top 10 Wine and Food Guide for Tuscany. PLACES TO STAY Villa Di Geggiano This peaceful hotel has spectacular gardens, great views of Siena, and Andrea, the owner, will give you the best tour of this... read more

Generous and welcoming land, Provence is home to winegrowers who bear the imprint of the soil and make wines that reflect this vision. Below we have put together some of the best wineries in order to hugely enjoy this wine region and soak up a few moments of this culture. 1. Ideally located between Nice and Marseille, the Château de Berne is a vineyard not to be missed when holidaying in the region. The truly exceptional vineyard,... read more

  With continued technological advancements and massive investments in R&D, the wine production in Australia has achieved great heights in the course of the last 30 years. The country is currently the eighth largest wine producer in the world and the iconic New World wine nation. The production is concentrated in the southern part of the island, near the coast, where the climate is cooler, mediterranean. In particular the region of South Australia holds 50% of the national planted... read more