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Facts: did you know? Which grapes are used in the Champagne blend? A great combination of Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but it can also be only one or two grapes, according to the area and the process. What is the Champagne appellation? It’s what makes Champagne so special, a unique terroir and the exclusivity of production within the appellation. How many Champagne producers are there? About 20,000 vine growers but only 5,000 of whom make their own Champagne. ... read more

Whether they are black or white, big or small, French or Italian, the season for one of the most loved gourmet products in the world is coming and it’s time to hunt truffles! Did you know there is a special University in Italy for training truffle hunting dogs? Known as white and black gold, truffles are a very special delicatessen because they are usually found only in some regions of Italy and France. They grow naturally underground, so... read more

Perfectly located in the south of France, now part of the Occitanie region, the Languedoc-Roussillon province is a unique wine destination. The Greeks were the very first to start planting vines in the 5th century, followed by the Romans. Languedoc has been long known to be the biggest wine producing region in France blending poor quality wines. In the early 1970's, the region saw a dramatic shift, noble grape varieties were planted and young winemakers specialised in quality wines. Here... read more

From Portugal to Puglia, we have selected the best harvest tours you should consider joining in 2017!   Portugal Luxury Harvest Tour 7 days in September (from 4,500€ pp) Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience in Porto and the Douro Valley with this wine tour. Feel the weight of the grapes in the palm of your hand, smell the rocky soils beneath your feet, and hear the rush of the Douro River below you. Get ready to have fun throughout the... read more

Rich in centuries of history and ancestral know-how, Provence brims with wonders to be discovered. From the Vaucluse to the Alpes-Maritimes, the region has something for everyone. Provençal life is a unique art de vivre where tourists and locals alike are invited to take part. From admiring the sunrise above the lavender fields to falling asleep with the cicada song, a day in Provence is definitely a day to remember. More than its sunny climate, Provence is home... read more

The romantic Loire Valley invites history and wine lovers to stroll around its magnificent chateaux and vineyards. Its outstanding cultural landscape will make you want to wander for a few days along the river. Moreover, the Loire is home to charming villages where the French “art de vivre” has been kept to perfection. Discover our selection of best tours and places to stay in the region. Top 3 Loire Valley Tours Full-day Chambord and Chenonceau Châteaux Along... read more

Here is our selection of the best boat ride and wine tasting experiences combined to make your day or week a memorable one. Our experts have created for you the most exclusive tours. 1. Douro Valley Wine Tasting, River Cruise and Mateus Palace - Portugal The tour starts in the morning, with a stop at a splendid Portuguese Palace home to the famous Mateus rosé. After a stroll around the manor house and gardens, you will be taken to... read more

Spring is almost upon us, so there's only one way to celebrate - discover the best food and wine events taking place all over the world in March.   What’s happening in the vineyard? There’s a lot happening this time of the year, in the Southern Hemisphere especially, with countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa being really busy right now. Guess why? It’s harvest time! Longed for all year... read more

Ride and wine, a bike or a vespa, for a day or a week, on your own or with your loved ones, along some of the most beautiful wine routes in the world. What a great opportunity to combine wine tasting with some sport. “A bottle of white, a bottle of red, perhaps a bottle of rosé instead?” as Billy Joel used to sing, there is something for everyone on the way. Here is our selection of... read more

At Winerist, we are in love with beautiful Tuscany. With its stunning landscapes, rich artictic legacy and fascinating culture, it's so easy to fall in love with this incredible place. To help you get started with planning a trip, we've put together our Top 10 Wine and Food Guide for Tuscany. PLACES TO STAY Villa Di Geggiano This peaceful hotel has spectacular gardens, great views of Siena, and Andrea, the owner, will give you the best tour of this house which... read more