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As autumn days get crisp and cool, November arrives with plenty of events to warm things up for our food and wine lovers. Whether you will spend this amazing month at home or you are planning to travel to your favourite wine region, we want to inspire you with our selection of must-do food and wine events around the world, to make your November a remarkable enogastronomic experience. Do you know Vendages Tardives? Even if harvest is over in almost... read more

What’s happening in the vineyard? The harvest season has started last August in the Northern Hemisphere, but the best is yet to come! October is the last month of this year’s peak harvest time, and it is indisputably the most beautiful period of the year. This season makes its mark on the wine-growing landscape. Vineyards look radiant as they shed the greens of warmer months for colourful yellows, red and burnt oranges of autumn.   How... read more

Summer is coming to an end in the northern hemisphere, and vineyards will soon show off their beautiful golden and red colors as temperatures mellow during the day and become pleasantly cool at night. It is the peak of the most beautiful and active season for winemakers and wine lovers: the grape harvest season! The grape harvest is a crucial part of the winemaking process because the moment that the grapes are picked determines the acidity, sweetness, and flavor of... read more

When it comes to the flavour of a wine, it’s a group effort. Most notes on the tongue are a result of a whole host of different types of compounds working together, and there are hardly any individual compounds that are solely responsible for a particular aroma or flavour. But we live in an age of answers and that is exactly what the science-loving section of the wine community has been seeking out over the past few decades.... read more

Summertime is here! If you aren’t going to be stuck at home being a taxicab and lifeguard all summer, you might be actively planning your next vacation getaway. If you’ve had enough of the theme parks and the beaches, try to come up with something new and exciting. If you love wine and you love to travel, why not do both? There are countless wine-themed activities and events across the United States and, of course, all... read more

Memorial Day has passed, so summer barbeque season is off and running!  You or some of your guests may enjoy a glass or two of wine with your cookouts.  Sometimes we don’t finish the bottle and we end up with corked half empty bottles of wine crowding our counters or refrigerators. If you don’t think you will drink it, but you don’t want to waste it, try blending into your next meal.... read more

One thing is certain to carry you through the process of planning your wedding without too many hiccups, and that is your bridal party. You may not have thought to work bridal party gifts into your budget, but it’s a nice gesture to thank the people who have been there to support you since day one. What better way to relax after the wedding than with some wine? These gift ideas are sure to inspire whatever you choose... read more

Want to have fun with wine or impress your friends at the bar tonight? Get started with Winerist's selection of 10 inspirational wine quotes. 1. "Vinophobia: the fear of running out of wine" 2. "Sip me baby, one more time" 3. "I make pour decisions" 4. "All you need is love. But a little wine never hurt" 5. "You had me at Merlot" 6. "I will share my gossip if you share your wine" 7. "Men are like fine wine" 8. "My healthcare provider is wine" 9. "Most of my... read more

May is the perfect time for a vineyard visit, whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere! South of the equator, in Australia, South Africa and Argentina, harvest time is over and the fermentation process is just beginning with this year’s grapes. You might be lucky enough to sample some wine straight from the barrel! In the Northern hemisphere, in France, USA and Italy, as temperatures rise to between 1... read more

Everyone can appreciate a good glass of wine, but there’s a difference between an appreciation of wine and a love for it. Chances are, if you’re looking for ways to incorporate wine into the décor of your home, you fall into the latter category.  Fortunately, the classic libation lends itself to be a classy part of any kitchen’s design scheme. There are countless fun and creative ways to incorporate your favorite... read more