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Consumers' love for wine has not deteriorated even after so many years. Despite the fact that recent wine consumption figures have not picked up considerably, it certainly provides enough encouragement for wine entities to stay in the business. In 2012 wine consumption was 244 million hectoliters collectively, and the figures have remained nearly steady all these years. Apparently, quite a few European nations known as major wine producers have cut down on the harvest lately to be in sync with wine demand. ... read more

Some things are just meant to be paired together. Peanut butter and jelly, tomato and basil, coffee and cream. Without one, the other seems to fall short of our appetites expectation. The pairing of steak and wine is no exception. Steak is a favorite primal fare, but there is no denying that it tastes even better with a cultivated wine. Fortunately for those who refuse to enjoy a steak without a wine there are plenty of global options to keep... read more

Going to a fancy restaurant this week and want to impress your date or potential business partner by showing your sophisticated side? Great! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make a good (and lasting) impression. What won’t look so good is embarrassing yourself, right? Show how cultured you are by ordering wine like a true sommelier. Thankfully, you don’t have to take long classes to master this. Vintopia and Visme ... read more

Did you know that Champagne is actually a French Region? Champagne raises many questions for even the most wine-savvy of folks. Unless you’re a true wine connoisseur, you may think it’s too lavish, too cavalier, or just plain confusing. At the end of the day, the lovely bubbly is too-often ignored and wildly misunderstood. Here is a complete guide on the French wine that will answer all your questions, like where champagne comes from, what to... read more

Port – the real stuff, from grapes grown in the terraced vineyards of the Douro and made into wine in and around Porto in Portugal – is one of the wine world’s oldest and most interesting pleasures. Port vineyards are one of the oldest demarcated and regulated farming areas in the world, and with over 250 years of history, you’d expect the wines to be beguiling, and you’d be right. With over two... read more

Poland has swiftly become the city break of choice boasting European charm, natural beauty and carb-heavy cuisine. This infographic appeals to the stomach, featuring regional specialities, national favourites and exactly where you can find them.   read more

The Lake District is home to over 20 breweries, many with award-winning drinks that can be sampled in local pubs and eateries. In this infographic we take a quick look at how beer is made, as well as how to pair it with your food. We’ve also chosen some of the best breweries in the area and give you a little more info on them and how you too can experience not just their drinks but how they&rsquo... read more

Christmas is full of flavours. It’s an explosion on our taste buds. An epic battle between “No, I shouldn’t” and “Ok, just one more!” But there’s no reason overindulging must get the better of you this Christmas. With this Christmas Wine Guide you can find out how to perfectly pair your festive feasts with delectable drinks that enhance your dining experience. Eat, drink and be Merry! Credits: Daisy Welch read more

Pairing wine and chocolate can be a contentious point for wine connoisseurs. The rich, bold tastes of both makes marrying them difficult. In order to make sure you can highlight accents of the wine as well as the chocolate, check out the shareable guide below. We also researched a few basic rules that will help simplify the complicated business of pairing tannins with tastes. Chocolate has an array of strong flavors including sweet, bitter, fruity and even acidic. These... read more

Discover more about Rioja wines & its traditional food Located in the north of Spain, La Rioja is well known because of its wines, but how well do we really know them? For instance, did you know that while Tempranillo is the most common variety, there are more red grapes used for blends or varietal wines? And on top of that you also a range of white grapes which can’t be forgotten.  And La Rioja is not... read more