10 of the Best Wineries in the Douro Valley 1

Stretching from Porto to the eastern border along the river, the Douro Valley is a once in a lifetime destination. Here is a list of the top wineries which offer wine tastings with a view. The Alto Douro wine region is known worldwide for its Port and has recently been classified Unesco World Heritage Site due to its wine production tradition.

1. Quinta de Guimaraes

The quinta, typical name for a portuguese estate, is part of a 40 hectares estate overlooking the river Douro. Over the years, the Coutinho family has converted the traditional familial baroque style manor house into a guest house. They have also paired up with winemaker Diogo Lopez and two other wineries to create an ambitious vinho verde called the Cazas Novas.

Photo Credit: Quinta de Guimaraes for Winerist

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2. Quinta do Bomfim

Own by the Symington’s, the Quinta do Bomfim is considered one of the finest vineyards in the region. Located in the heart of the Cima Corgo, Bomfim grapes are gorged with sun whihc confers an “A-rated” grade to the vineyard. Their 1996 Vintage Port received a Gold Medal at the International Wine Challenge (in 2005 in London). Visit the quinta with our bestseller day tour to learn about its history and winemaking processes used to produce wine.  

Photo credit: Winerist partners

3. Vinhos Norte

This family-run winery produces white, rosé, sparkling and red wines under three different brands. For the Lima family, social responsibility is key in their approach of business. Moreover, the quality of their wines has been recognised for the past ten years offering them yearly awards. Enjoy a wine break weekend and try their white Cruzeiro transmitting the spirit of festivity.

Photo credit: Winerist partners

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4. Quinta da Veiga

Port and Douro wine producer for generations, the Quinta da Veiga is located in the small village of Pico. The winery shares its grapes with the Quinta do Paco to create unique blends under the brand “Quintas do Homen”. The integrated production of their wines, based on sustainable principles, gives them fruity complexity. Rooms are available at the manor house and Winerist offers you a free wine tasting if you stay 3 nights or more.

Photo credit: Quinta da Veiga for Winerist

5.  Quinta do Vale Meão

Antonia Adelaide Ferreira is at the origin of this grand winery. Back in the late 19th century, she bought hectares of land to create a “model vineyard”. Her family is now taking care of the production with high quality standards. Using traditional production methods combined to new technologies, their wines offer complexity and originality to your palate. Their newly refurbished tasting room is a good excuse to come for a stroll around the vineyard enjoying a glass or two.

Photo credit: Quinta do Valemeao 

6. Quinta do Crasto

Overlooking the Douro river from the hills, Quinta do Crasto is owned by the Roquette family. The estate produces Douro wines, fine ports and olive oils in an environment like no other. Try the elegant red Touriga Nacional. You will be delighted with its smoky bouquet and intense spicy fruits characters. After the delicate wines, the infinity swimming pool is the highlight of the estate. They offer a wide range of wine tourism activities with top standard accommodation.

Photo credit: Quinta do Crasto  

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7. Casa Ferreirihna

The emblematic Casa Ferreirihna is known worldwide for its mixture of quality, time and art. For centuries, the estate has been producing some of the most desirable wines in the country. Recently bought by Sogrape which has broadened its portfolio, the winery is open for wine tastings and offers remarquable views of the terraced vineyards. The Reserva Especial is our favorite.

Photo credit: Sogrape 

 8. MQ Vinhos

Named after Miguel Queimado, the estate has been in the family for over 400 years. The vineyards are surrounding the central Quinta do Mato where the family produces its wines with passion and dedication. The location is perfect for the production of the Alvarinho grape. Their “boutique winery” exclusively specialises in the production of DOC wines and has adopted practices promoting biodiversity. 

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9. Duorum

Two iconic portuguese winemakers, João Portugal Ramos and José Maria Soares Franco, created Duorum in 2007. This new project for the Douro Valley includes 300 hectares of Touriga vines located in two distinct vineyards and a winery in Ervedosa do Douro. With a strong environmental policy, they blend top wines which have been awarded great marks by the most respectable wine experts.

Photo credit: Duorum 

10. Quinta do Cume

Located in the historic village of Provezende in the so called Cima Corgo part of the valley, the Quinta do Cume’s wines label the Douro region. Using the terroir as an heritage, the winery produces intense and complex wines. They concentrate on quality and not quantity, designing the right blends with the right cepages combination.

Photo credit: Quinta do Cume