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About Winerist is an award-winning travel website and the fastest growing online marketplace for wine, drinks and food experiences with tours, wineries and hotels in wine destinations around the world. We offer more than 4000 experiences and talk to a great community of over 270,000 wine & food lovers. The other side of the business is Winerist Magazine, which is currently in the form of a very successful blog and is about to be launched as an official online magazine.... read more

Anyone outside England may be wondering what St. George’s Day is all about.  To English natives however, it is a national day of celebration; to eat drink and be merry! Saint George was a Christian martyr and Roman soldier who, according to lore, fought a dragon to save a princess (sound familiar?).  He also inadvertently graced the entirety of the U.K. with an excuse to drink and party on April 23rd every year. Honour St... read more

After months and months of freakily cold weather in the UK, the sun is out and we are loving it! There's nothing quite like summer in the city, so once you've chosen your style of rosé from this list to sip in the sunshine, head out to one of these rooftop places. Here are the best rooftop places to eat and drink in London as voted by YOU this week on Twitter. Where will you go tonight? Tree... read more

As it’s the hottest day of the year so far (not hard, tbh) I was invited back to TalkRadio to taste some summery rosé wines with Mike Graham & Georgia Frost. Here are the three we tasted to try and get a handle on go-to styles, where you know what you’re going to get… Pale and dry rosé wine Your go-to style: Côtes de Provence Provencal pinks are incredibly popular at... read more

As its World Malbec Day, we thought we'd revist the Malbec grape in its original home: Cahors in South West France... The red wines of the Lot Valley vineyards have such a deep colour that they are commonly known as the Black Wines of Cahors. Loved by Roman Emperors, who authorised the vines to be planted some 2000 years ago, Cahors wine was on the tables at the marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry Plantagenet in 1152. Popes (especially Jean XXII,... read more

To continue our theme of ‘can red wine stop you ageing, 'why you would rub wine into your face' and of course, the fact that it’s En Primeur week in Bordeaux, this week’s Meet The Partner encompases all three things rather beautifully… Les Sources de Caudalie, wine spa and hotel Nestled between a forest and the leafy vineyards of Château Smith Haute Lafitte just twenty minutes outside the bustling city centre of... read more

This week, our chief Winerist, Diana Isac, is in Bordeaux for the ‘En Primeurs’. This is an exciting and social part of the wine calendar, when you spend your mornings spitting out very expensive wine that’s way too young to drink. It’s all for a good reason, though. Here’s what En Primeur means… What is En Primeur? ‘En Primeur’ essentially means ‘wine futures’, where you are can... read more

We recently posted about the property in red wine that can help your skin look younger: resveratrol. In this article,  Meighan Sembrano recommends some of the best wine-based beauty products on the market that use resveratrol as a key ingredient... Every now-and-then, a particular substance becomes a “buzz word” around the entire world, especially in the health and beauty industry. Wine is a topic that has gained a lot of attention recently, primarily due to... read more

With champagne on the menu at Winerist Towers all week, we caught up with Sandia Chang, sommelier and founder of Bubbledogs in London to find out how she turned a brilliant, quirky idea into an actual 'thing'... W: Champagne and hotdogs sounds like a genius combination, but it’s not what you’d typically expect! What inspired you to put the two together? SC: Traditionally, champagne is paired with caviar because of its great acidity. It's a perfect... read more

If you’re a champagne lover, chances are, you’ll have tasted the opulent, rich notes of Krug. If you’re a true oénophile or even ‘Krugiste’ however, you’ll no doubt have noticed the introduction of a new ID system from the house to help you find out exactly what’s inside the very bottle you are holding in your hands. So if you’ve ever wondered what the... read more