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Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa, Cinque Terra, Volterra, Florence
Room cleaning, Restaurant, WiFi, TV, Air Conditioning, Parking
Cooking class, Wine tasting

Hotel overview

Discover Villa Petriolo, located in the precise point that allows the perfect balance between the Tuscan nature and the Florentine art and lifestyle, due to its proximity to the great city of Florence.

Villa Petriolo is the recovery of the past, satisfying the present needs and desires to transform them into future stories to be told. Luxury and comfort come  together to make you live the Tuscan experience from its essence, to experience locally its landscapes, activities and culture under unmatched standards of service and closeness to great cities like Florence and Pisa.

Find yourself feeling at home wherever you go but with the desire to know something good. Villa Petriolo with its suites wants to provide that welcoming familiarity as a good host would, with an unparalleled warmth, providing everything necessary for the guest who goes in search of amazement.

Villa Petriolo is a rescued villa which offers a real connection with nature without losing luxury and comfort, looking to offer the Tuscany experience in its entirety. An integral complex, a villa restored and transformed into an agricultural estate, where centuries of history are reflected. The stimulation of the senses by the nature, the possibility of accommodation to take the experience beyond, everything in conjunction, allow you to discover the most intimate parts of Tuscany.

There are 35 rooms, all furnished with acoustic and thermal insulation, fresh air with anti allergic system, USB fast charge, high speed WiFi, minibar, welcome pack, unique handmade furniture by local craftsmen, SAT, tv, boiler, coffee and tea facilities.

Guests can enjoy delicious Italian food at the PS Ristorante, born in 2010 from a project by Stefano Pinciaroli and Lorenzo Caponi. The principle was to create a local micro enterprise of the territory, collaborating with neighbouring farms for the supply of raw materials in order to offer a food and wine experience close to the territory.

There are cooking classes available on-site, during which you will be introduced into the most antique and traditional Tuscan recipes, as well as food and wine tours, city tours, truffle hunting experiences, beekeeping experiences, and you can even learn how to train a falcon.

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Italy, Tuscany, Cerreto Guidi, Via di Petriolo, 7, 50050 Cerreto Guidi FI, Italy

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