Éclade de Moules

Being situated on the Gironde River (or rather, the Gironde Estuary), Bordeaux still gets all the benefits of a coastal port. The banks of the Gironde are dripping with multitudes of mussels ripe for the digging - and for the roasting. The residents of Bordeaux have a unique traditional method of preparing their shellfish: they pile them up right on the riverbank on a wet board, cushioned with pine needles, and set the whole thing on fire! Éclade is usually served with garlic mayonnaise, or a simple side of bread and butter, and goes swimmingly with any Bordeaux Blanc.

Entrecôte à la Bordelaise

The main course, of course, must be entrecôte à la bordelaise: rib steak seared in a red wine sauce made from herbs, marrow, sautéed shallots, and, naturally, a regional Médoc. The end result is a rich, juicy, fully satisfying dish often served with a side of pan-fried and seasoned potato slices. A culmination of all the best ingredients of the region, entrecôte à la bordelaise is the inspiration for the red wine sauce preparation method of the same name, “à la bordelaise.” A rich, red Bordeaux wine will do the trick here. Try one from the Left Bank that will be Cabernet dominant for extra structure.

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