What is Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto?

20 Jul, 2018 | by Alex Mennie

The last few years have seen the Aperol Spritz rise as a serious challenger to Pimm’s as the British public’s summer drink of choice, but now there’s a new Italian upstart hoping to muscle in on the contest.

In fact, Italy is awash with super local aperitvi.  You, yes you, are just one good night in a Tuscan osteria from declaring to the gathered crowd that “this bottle of whatever-it-is, is ah-mazing, and why, why can’t we get it in London?  You know what, we should import it.  Yeh. Us. we should import it!  James, how much space do you have in your car?”

Anyway, I digress.  Italicus is the “we should make it” equivalent from Giuseppe Gallo, Italian bartender and brand ambassador per eccellenza.  He stumbled across a recipe for the long forgotten Rosolio di Torino in an old Italian book ‘Liquorista Pratico‘ (yes, that’s right ‘practical liquorist’).  He tried it and…it was horrible.  However, Gallo was raised in Amalfi, just north of the home of the bergamot – a flavour he believed was under represented in the cocktail world.  This mixological two plus two gave him a five, and after fifteen months of experimenting, Gallo had created Italicus.