Best Boozy Ice Lolly Recipes

First, some science. Assuming your freezer is set at a generous -20°C, you will need to keep the alcohol content of your lollies below 15%. You might think this is a little abstemious and want a boozier lolly, but you’ll just end up with alcoholic slush if your mix is any stronger. A high sugar content will also lower the freezing point of your mixture, so try to keep to less than 9g of sugar per 100ml. 

The following recipes have been created with these guidelines in mind, but if you are creating your own, you may need to dilute accordingly. Of course, if your freezer is set a little warmer, you should also add a dash of water, just to be sure.

The measures below will make 300ml of each lolly mix – so adapt as necessary to fit your moulds.  Once the maths is out of the way, simply combine all ingredients in a mixing glass, stir gently and pour into the lolly moulds.  One last tip – where sparkling ingredients are called for you will get a more solid lolly if you leave the sodas to go flat before freezing.   

Rum & Coke Rocket

A classic recipe makes for a great frozen summer time treat. The rocket shape (by no means essential) just adds to the fun. Mix 50ml white rum, 250ml cola and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Lady Pamplem-ice

Based on a summer classic this gin, grapefruit and tonic cooler is a smash hit. Mix 25ml gin, 75ml pink grapefruit liqueur, 40ml lemon juice, 15ml sugar syrup and 145ml tonic water.


A frozen version of the modern classic cocktail bringing whisky, ginger and lemon together in popsicle form. Mix 100ml blended whisky, 20ml honey syrup, 20ml ginger syrup and 160ml San Pellegrino Limonata.

Ice Bru Daiquiri

A Scottish twist to a Cuban classic. Mix 75ml white rum, 40ml 1:1 sugar syrup, 40ml fresh lime juice and 155ml Irn Bru.

Freeze and enjoy!