The basement bar is well designed with a distinctly cosy tiki décor, or as they like to call it, ‘Tropicalifornication,’ with loosely structured areas for conversation.  However, it’s the end of street location that allows their regular Saturday night party to make the most of the bar’s killer sound system with resident and guest DJs taking to the decks, creating a super 'mixed' street scene. To further burnish its D&I credentials, the bar, with support of Southwark Council, commissioned artists Trinity Tristan and Tim Whiting to artfully reclaim the rail works along the street with a project they call ‘Ode to Liberty’.

The project is a nod to the influx of working class and LGBT ‘Molly House’ heroes that the rail line brought to the capital in their search of love and liberation during the Victorian age. Using clouds of (rainbow) colour to express the all-inclusive theme (and the bar’s ethos), together with a soon to be abundance of climbing plants, nature will also be allowed to further the statement of hope and regeneration within this industrial space.

Nine Lives Street Party

To be clear, this is not a “gay bar” per se, but more of an all-inclusive ‘happening’ and it’s this feeling of inclusivity that we’ve wanted all along, isn’t it?  Frankly, had I known about the Nine Lives Pride after-party (2018), I would have happily left the crush in Soho and made my way across the river to enjoy their hip & neighbourly vibe!

There is always next year... or even tonight!


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