Panna II Indian Restaurant

Panna II


If Mardi Gras were an Indian restaurant… that’s the aesthetic of Panna II in the East Village. A thousand Christmas trees-worth of brightly colored stringed lights, cheap Valentine’s Day decorative hearts and neon pub signs. Those are just a few of the things that litter the restaurant’s ceiling. The atmosphere is light, bright – literally – and fun. Their menu is long and extensive with all the curry, tandoori and naan of your heart’s desire. Coupled with that bottle of Pinot Noir under your arm, dinner at Panna II is an economical night out.

Neighborhood: East Village

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Sushi isn’t normally considered a low-cost meal, but when you can save on the alcohol by bringing in your own… well then don’t mind if we do! Poke Sushi on the Upper East Side is our pick for the best BYO sushi restaurant because it is *reasonably* priced (their special rolls range from $5 to $14) and does not corner you into pricey omakase like many of the other BYO sushi restaurants in the city.

Neighborhood: Upper East Side

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