Wine and food pairing events

For food pairing events, it is essential that the wine matches the type of food on offer. Wines such as Italian and French Wines are typically enjoyed best when served with food from their region of origin. Many wines provide a great accompaniment to cold meats, cheese or chocolate tastings. These can be extended to other delicacies such as olive oil, balsamic vinegar, or even a guided cigar tasting, if your venue has an outdoor section.

Provide the right tools

  • Provide plenty of wine glasses to allow for two wines per round, and be prepared with a few additional ones in case of breakages.
  • White wines need to be chilled, so ice buckets need to be on hand, along with sufficient refrigerator space.
  • Provide pouring buckets for disposing of excess wine after each tasting round.
  • Papers and Pens for collecting attendees’ details and so people can take notes.
  • Make sure your guests have access to plenty of water to drink.

Close with a sharing session

After the actual wine tasting is over it can be fun to ask attendees to contribute by sharing their thoughts on the Wines. This could include a Q&A session or an informal get together in the bar or standing area. Attendees can then chat about the event and even share some of the information that they have newly acquired.

Toto Mascalzone is event and marketing manager at Mascalzone restaurant. He is an Italian wine writer and educator, blogger, and food and wine enthusiast currently living in London. He is author of a wine and lifestyle blog, and was a co-editor, together with Italian wine writer a blog devoted to news from the world of Italian wine. 

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