Inside… Lurra Restaurant

22 Feb, 2018 | by Georgia Heath

If you (like us) were inspired by Joe Fattorini’s visit to San Sebastian in this week’s episode of The Wine Show, you can sample some incredible Basque cooking right here in the UK.  Tucked away just behind London’s Marble Arch, Lurra is a Basque restaurant inspired by an ‘unplanned’ day trip the owners once made to the Spanish city of San Sebastian. Stepping into the clean, airy space and being immediately greeted by the sights and smells of the bustling open kitchen, it’s easy to understand how they were so immediately captivated by these rich flavours. Just walking through the door produces the same kind of excitement you might feel after walking in your own front door and smelling your favourite meal in the oven. It feels, quite effortlessly, like a home from home, and that’s not something that’s easy for any restaurant to achieve.