Bartholomew Park Winery

Bartholomew Park is arguably now better known for its haunting history than its wine, hence why it gets a spot on this list.

The site has a wealth of history to its name, having served as a morgue, a women’s prison and as a hospital prior to vines being planted in 1830.

Frank Bartholomew bought the site in the 1940s and the winery has become an organic producer. There is a story told about the discovery of the remains of a prisoner in the basement walls following an earthquake in the 1970s.

Certainly, ghosts are both heard and seen in what is now the winery’s main building, whilst hymns are said to be sung by spirits well into the evening. If you fancy a supernatural soundtrack to a wine tasting then look no further!

Dry Creek Vineyard

Even the name “Dry Creek” evokes ghoulish feelings before you even here the stories told by the vineyard’s employees, or the fact that the California Wine Institute has recorded the existence of this winery’s ghosts.

Dry Creek sits on the site of a Pomo Indian Reservation. Yes, this really is just like those films where something is built on an Indian burial ground.

American Indians have reportedly been seen by employees, as well as lights turning on and off and doors unlocking before proceeding to swing open.

The manager of the tasting room has quite the ghost story too. Whilst working late, ignored their phone ringing. Once finished with their work, they checked the phone to see whom the missed call was from, only to find their own number was the caller… spooky indeed!


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