Whose vagina is it anyway?

So far, there are apparently two models (who clearly *aren’t* porn stars), called Monika and Paulina. Paulina hasn’t been bottled yet - we assume they don’t mean attacked with broken glass. The wonderful thing about this project however, is that they are hoping to open it up to celebrities, supermodels, actresses etc and may even include edible gold and saffron with the vagina yeast for those. You can put yourself forward as a model too if you like! In the era of #MeToo, this product is particularly special. Oh, and in case you can’t get the image of a woman having a smear test out of your mind, there’s a handy swab date on each and every bottle that tells you exactly when the lady had the cotton bud shoved up her front bottom while her legs were in stirrups with socks still (probably) on her feet. It's the vagina beer gift that just keeps on giving.

Have you tasted Order of Yoni beer yet? Can you let us know how you get on, please? I may pass on this one.

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