A mini guide to recent vintages of Churchill’s Port

Churchill’s 2014 was a difficult weather year and no other Port maker declared ‘Vintage’ except Churchill’s and Quinta Noval. It is highly tannic and still needs time to mellow, but, John believes this vintage will surprise people as it ages. It has structure and grip but with wonderful fruity quality. This vintage will continue to develop in the bottle and will peak between 2049 and 2059.

Churchill's 2011 is an iconic vintage that has a wonderful acidity and structure with complex flavours of delicious berry pie, an intense colour, but, with a surprising overarching freshness. This vintage is my pick for the ‘long haul’ peaking from 2038 to 2048.

Churchill's 2007 is approachable now but can easily age and gain even more elegance in another 30+ years. It has a wonderful lavender floral character with lingering tannins. It will be better approachable by 2027 but will peak after 2042.

Churchill’s 2003 has a big ripe character with good acidity and a long finish and will likely peak when it is closer to 2038-2048

Churchill’s 2000 is the first vintage from their own growth. It is intensely dark, almost purple in colour. It has great tannic structure and acidity with baked berry aromas for a rich and complex palate. Peak drinking will be 2030-2045.

Churchill’s 1997 has maintained a deep brick red colour and a lovely freshness with hints of mint and good acidity. This is John Graham’s favourite and is approachable now, but will be best around 2027–2037

Churchill’s 1994 is a ripe, full-bodied powerhouse vintage. It still has its deep colour with strong black cherry aroma and complex flavours of concentrated fruits. Expect it to peak from 2024 to 2034.

Stockists for Churchills Port in the Uk include:

Appellations Ltd  

Farr Vintners and  

Fine & Rare  


Firth & Co Wine Merchant, Northallerton

St Andrews Wine Company, Fife

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