Laird’s Applejack

The Laird family has produced apple liquor, specifically applejack, in New Jersey since 1698. Their concept of Applejack has evolved over the years, resulting in their blended applejack, a rich blend of 35 percent apple brandy and 65 percent neutral grain spirit. But don’t worry, their original recipe is still on the table—Laird’s Straight Applejack 86 is a 100 percent apply brandy that calls back to their historic 86 proof label, a favorite of Founding Fathers and modern applejack connoisseurs alike.

Price: $25  

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Black Dirt Distillery’s Bonded Apple Jack

Made from Jonagold apples, Black Dirt Distillery’s take on the applejack is a 100 percent apple brandy that honors the tradition of the black dirt region of New York. The area that was once home to dozens of applejack distilleries pre-Prohibition has made a revival with the Bonded Apple Jack, known for its deep baked apple, caramel-like flavor. Bottled at 100 proof in a charred new oak barrel, the applejack is aged for a minimum of five years to hit that colorful flavor profile.

Price: $40

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