For the love of pumpkin

Credit: Bostaniada

Halloween is about carving pumpkins, but Moldovan ‘Bostaniada’ is a festival about pumpkins and pumpkin consumption in more than two hundred forms! It takes place in September in Lozova; an easily accessible village situated 45km north-west of Chișinău. This is a chance to admire creative exhibitions where the pumpkin is presented as a decoration, as a musical instrument and even as vessel for drinking wine. Of course, it’s there to eat too. Don’t miss the famous pumpkin pies called placinte cu bostan. Like all Moldovan celebrations, this festival involves plenty of other foods, folk music and unusual handicrafts. There’s a market where you can buy products from the freshest five-a-day, to the highest quality local honey, cheese and eggs. Also available are traditional objects such as handmade clay pots and authentic traditional garments such as the Moldovan 'ie'.

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