Salcioara (Chisinau)

Salcioara, Chisinau


Though this fine-dining eatery falls into one of the more expensive price ranges for Moldovan cuisine, the rich, colorful interior and incredibly well-prepared dishes make Salcioara a must-try Moldovan restaurant. With several rooms dressed in the cozy Moldovan style, patrons feel warm and welcomed. Meals are prepared from local ingredients and served with special consideration towards local harvests and in-season vegetables. Top-notch and delicious, the food at Salcioara is so freshly prepared that it tastes like a home-cooked meal. 

Address: Alexander Pushkin St 39, Chisinau, Moldova

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La Taifas (Chisinau)

This restaurant is all about keeping it local! Using produce from local and regional farmers, La Taifas presents an excellent menu of Moldovan favorites. Local musicians set the stage, while waiters dressed in traditional Moldovan garb elevate this restaurant to a fun and immersive experience for tourists.

Address: Bucuresti st. 67, Chisinau, Moldova

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Cerbul de Aur (Chisinau)

Off the beaten path and with décor that transports you to an old hunting lodge. It’s small, but luxurious, while still maintaining a moderately-priced menu. The restaurant combines haute cuisine with rustic charm, incorporating local ingredients in every dish. Their food platter and charcuterie plates, which are artfully arranged, are gorgeous and showcase the freshness of their fruits and vegetables. They even offer house-made juice, spirits, and “zubrowka,” a Polish dry, herb-flavored vodka.

Address: V. Alecsandri St., 113, Chisinau, Moldova

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