A History of Malbec

06 Jun, 2017 | by Winerist

Malbec is a French purple grape variety used in making red wine, native from the town of Cahors in the south of France. This region has a significant amount of Malbec plantations and there are two varieties of Malbec, one in Montpellier and another in Gaillac. 

Sometimes, the Malbec wine is also called “Pressac” because the name of the two producers were Mr. Pressac and Mr. Malbeck. And it is also known as Côt, Cahors, Auxxerois or Gaillac.

The best producers of Malbec are Bodegas Septime, Bodegas Piedra Negra, Domaine Jean Bousquet, Salentein, Yacochuya, Mariflor, Val de Flores and Bertrand Gabriel Vigouroux.

Because France has undergone meteorological events that did not favor the production of Malbec, it can now also be found around the world. Malbec flourished in Argentina and became better than in Cahors in France, forcing the Cahors region to grow significantly and produce better wines over the years.