How to get the most out of your bag in box wine

fantasia bag in box

We don’t mean take the bag out and squeeze it into your mouth to get the last dregs (admit it, you know you would). What I mean rather, is how to keep it tasting its best over the 4 - 6 weeks it can last. Ollie form BIB told us:

  • The wine stays freshest if you take a glass every day or so rather than have one glass then leave it for a month.

  • Always keep it upright so air doesn’t get in.

  • Keep the box away from heat sources

Have you tried any good bag in box wines lately? Leave a comment below or tweet us on @TheWinerist #BaginBox. If you like the idea of bag in box wines coming back, you may also want to read our article on the best ready to drink cocktails by Alex Mennie