How much is too much?

Current thinking is that it is much better for your brain and your body to space your drinks out over the week rather than consuming everything in one sitting (binge drinking) and to have at least two nights off every week. Three, preferably. The question is how much is ok during these spaced out sessions? The main sticking point with ‘moderate’ drinking is the definition of it, whichs seems to be different wherever you look. Maybe the Department of Nutrition at Harvard made the safest play by calling moderate drinking ‘the point at which the health benefits of alcohol clearly outweigh the risks’? We think so. But how much is that exactly? Well, sadly, the research says it’s not a bottle of wine a day; it’s more like a small glass, say 125ml. So, make that bottle last a week, and you’ll be living at your peak!

Want to read more about what the experts say? Here’s the recent study from August 2018. If you prefer visuals, then here are some simple infographics about the unexpected health benefits of drinking wine.

Perhaps you want to know how the healthy bits of wine are used in beauty products? Click the link to find out.

You can even find wine spas all around the world that offer treatments with grape-based products. Try Caudalie in Bordeaux or Entre Cielos in Mendoza, Argentina. Wine is the gift that keeps on giving!