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Top Hotels in Santorini

Artemis Suites

Artemis Suites boasts the very best of Santorinian architectural style and elegance. Designed to look like a Santorinian traditional settlement, this beautiful hotel is 250 metres above the Aegean Sea on the edge of the biggest caldera in the world. Be sure to take in the stunning views. 
This 4-star...
Number of rooms: 15
from $44

Loizos Stylish Residences

Everything about the Loizos Apartments scream luxury and comfort; with a great location in Fira, fantastic prices & stunning views of the Caldera – be sure to catch those sunset views! 
Located on the gorgeous island of Santorini, Loizos Apartments is traditionally Cycladic, so expect to find a wealth...
Number of rooms: 23
from $75

Mill Houses

Carved in the rock with vaulted ceilings, whitewashed walls and built in the traditional Santorinian style, the superb studios and suites of Mill Houses welcomes visitors to a unique example of elegant simplicity of the Cycladic culture, but at the same time offers all the modern comforts expected in a...
Number of rooms: 13
from $100

Astarte Suites

Perched on the volcanic rock of Santorini, Astarte Suites hotel presents guests with gorgeous views overlooking the caldera and the sparkling Aegean Sea. This boutique hotel is perfect for travelers looking to unwind and relax in decadent luxury. 
All suites come complete with their own private Jacuzzi, some of...
Number of rooms: 11
from $166

Vedema Resort

Built around a 400-year-old wine cellar, Vedema Resort preserves the style and culture of a traditional Greek village. Surrounded by vineyards and with views of the renowned ebony beaches, this boutique hotel presents the treasures of the Mediterranean. Built in white-washed Cycladic-style, our 45 villa village immerses guests in the relaxed...
Number of rooms: 45
from $350

Mystique Resort

Representative of the Santorini island-style design that represents nature, Mystique is built in the world’s most beautiful scenery. This beautiful hotel which boasts pure luxury is found on Oia’s most famous cliffs with breath-taking views of the azure waters of the inviting Aegean Sea and the...
Number of rooms: 28
from $433

Aenaon Villas

Santorini, one of the beautiful islands clustered between Turkey and Greece in the middle of the Aegean sea, is the perfect destination for wine tourists. Surrounded by its crystal blue waters and luscious landscapes, Aenaon Villas is the gateway to this paradise.
Found at the highest and narrowest part of...
Number of rooms: 6
from $499
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