5 Top Wineries to Visit in Salta, Argentina

10 Aug, 2017 | by Diego. | min read
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Salta is a little known paradise for wines in Argentina. While it is more widely recognised as the epicentre for production of Argentina's flagship white wine, Torrontés, they also produce excellent full bodied and spicy reds like Malbec and Cabernets. There is also a new Salta star on the rise, Tannat. More and more wine lovers are travelling to 'Salta, La Linda' (Salta, The Beautiful) to visit the different wineries and enjoy the magnificent landscape of the mountains paired with such high quality wines and delicious regional foods. Here are my favorite wineries to visit in Salta to enjoy the perfect mix of the terroir from this lovely province.


1. Domingo Molina

The Domingo family defines Domingo Molina as, “A 100% family winery in Cafayate, designed to produce only high quality wines," and they live by that definition. Osvaldo, Gabriel and Rafael Domingo have conceived this venture where the amazing characteristics of the Cafayate vines and the latest technology come together to create beautiful wines. The building is located in Yacochuya Norte, where the view of the multi-coloured mountainous landscape is breathtaking. When visiting this venue, wines for tasting are served directly from the tanks. Another highlight is the wine and regional cheese tastings. I recommend you try their fabulous Torrontés or any of their premium reds from the Cafayate, Rupestre or Yacochuya valleys. They are the perfect expression of the Terroir Salteño.

Photo courtesy of Domingo Molina Winery

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2. Colomé

Colomé is one of the oldest wineries in Argentina. Located in Molinos, it is also on record as the highest vineyards in the world. Its story begins in 1831 and after switching hands many times the property was taken over by Donald Hess in 2001. Soon after they started producing premium quality wines with incredible personalities. Whenever anyone visits the Colomé Winery, the experience is far more than just a wine tour. Their beautiful Estancia has top notch accommodation for visitors to enjoy the best of what this terroir has to offer for both wine and food while relaxing in the Calchaqués Valley. Finally, for those who enjoy art, you must visit the James Turrell Museum. Find all of this and more at Colomé.

Photo: Courtesy of Colomé Winery

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3. Yacochuya

A pioneer in Argentina in the production of high end wines, Yacochuya is known for their incredibly elegant, full bodied, concentrated red wines and their marvellous crisp and refreshing Torrontes. Along with the world renowned wine consultant Michel Rolland, the Etchart family has been producing their famous “Yacochuya” since 1999. The winery is located quite literally at the foot of the mountains. There you are surrounded by vineyards and are close to the Cafayate sky. It is a spectacular destination for those who want to enjoy the finest wines that Cafayate has to offer. For those who love the old vintage wines, this might be the one place in the whole world where you have the possibility of getting a bottle of those bold Yacochuyas from the early 2000s.

Photo Courtesy of Yacochuya Winery

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4. El Porvenir de Cafayate

Just two blocks away from the main square of Cafayate, on the right hand side of an unpaved street is where you'll find El Porvenir de Cafayate Winery. From the outside you see a really old though imposing building, but once you get through the two giant wooden doors, the story changes. Inside you'll find a lovely rustic structure. Modern touches welcome you into an entertaining and enjoyable wine experience. The gracious staff at El Porvenir will guide you through the different sections of their winery which holds some of the finest wines that come from Cafayate. Finish the tour in their beautiful tasting room where you can have the 'Grand Tasting' to sample various wines of their top line, Laborum. Who could think of a better way to end the tour? Both the reds and whites are made by the rising star oenologist Mariano Quiroga Adamo with consultancy from the great Paul Hobbs. Another thing not to miss if you're in the neighbourhood are the different excursions, lunch and day time activities they offer at Finca El Retiro.

Photo Courtesy of El Porvenir de Cafayate Winery

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5. El Esteco

Off to the left of the RUTA 40, El Esteco is the first winery that welcomes you to the city of Cafayate, Salta. They specialise in premium wines made from their incredible vines and cultivated with essence of the Cafayate terroir. From their lines Elementos, Don David, Ciclos all the way up to the ultra-premium Altimus line and the Iconic Chañar Punco, they offer outstanding Torrontes', Malbecs, Cabernet Sauvignons, Tannats, Syrahs and more! The excursion through the winery is hosted by knowledgeable and bilingual guides and there are different wine tastings options. Inside the actual property is the Patios de Cafayate Hotel which offers a wonderful opportunity to stay in Cafayate, enjoy top notch comfort and service with wonderful wines.  

Photo Courtesy of El Esteco Winery

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