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Best wine tours in Maipo Valley

Why Visit Maipo Valley?

Landed in Santiago and looking for a tour to the Maipo Valley? For a truly authentic and immersive wine travel experience, choose from one of our locally guided wine tasting tours and vineyard visits to Chile’s oldest and most traditional wine regions. It is the closest wine region to Santiago, making it a great destination for shorter tours or day trips into the countryside. You can explore the Maipo Valley on a private or group tour or on a fully-tailor made experience.

Often referred to as the birthplace of Chilean wine, French-inspired vineyards initiated Chile’s second wine boom some 150 years ago and are partially responsible for the Maipo Valley’s famed Cabernet Sauvignon – still by far the region’s most prized grape – as well as home to some of the finest Carmenere in Chile. 

Needless to say, the Maipo Valley has tons of wineries to visit. Many tours leave from Santiago and include visits to some of the most famous wineries and vineyards in the Maipo Valley.  Concha y Toro Winery in the Pirque commune is one of the most picturesque, featuring guided tours through gorgeous antique gardens and the winery’s storied ancient cellars. Following the winery tour, you’ll be treated to a tasting of their incredible selection of wines (and cheese!). To round out the experience, you can pick up a bottle or two to share with friends and family back home. Santa Rita is also another beautiful winery we recommend visiting.

Things to do in Santiago

Though great wine is enough of an attraction, the Maipo Valley doesn’t stop there. Just northeast lies the Chilean capital of Santiago, home to some incredible sights, sounds, and most of all, tastes. To get the most out of Santiago, we recommend hopping on a wine tour complete with comfy transport, a multilingual guide, and of course, local snacks to keep you fuelled on your journey through the city. Beginning in Santiago’s historic downtown, enjoy some of the city centre’s best architectural gems before venturing out into the surrounding residential districts, such as the belle-epoque style Lastarria neighborhood. If it’s views you’re looking for, you will also have the opportunity to take in the stunning sights of San Cristobal Hill, offering sweeping panoramic views of the city and mountains. Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without a little more Chilean wine! After a journey through Santiago, you can choose from either the Aquitania Wine Vineyard or the Cousiño Macul Wine Vineyard, both of which sit at the foot of the Andes and offer a comprehensive and delicious look into the Chilean wine industry.

Things to do in the Maipo Valley

The Maipo Valley and surrounding areas have lots of things to do in the way of hiking, walking and biking. For a relatively easy trek, you might consider a hike to the summit of Cerro Manquehuito, located right in the Lo Curro neighborhood of Santiago. This is a well-traveled and clearly marked path that only takes one or two hours to complete, leaving you plenty of time to get back to your true calling: wine. The Maipo Valley is also home to Cajon del Maipo, a great area for hiking, rafting, and outdoor adventures. A great extension to a wine visit in the valley would be a hike through El Morado National Park. The area is also home to natural hot springs if you are longing for a little rest and relaxation following all that tiring wine tasting! You can join a wine tour on bike or combine trekking with visits to the Maipo Valley's famous vineyards.

Tailor-made wine tours of the Maipo Valley and Santiago

Wine tours are meant to be fun but sometimes planning gets in the way. Our tailor-made wine travel team LOVE curating the perfect wine tours and winery visits for wine lovers, like you! We offer fully customised and totally unique wine tours where you decide how long you'd like to spend visiting wineries, the style and type (and we'll make recommendations) and the type of accommodation, if you need it. Get in touch with our wine travel experts now.


Plan Your Visit

Best Known Grapes

The grape varieties that really shine in Maipo Valley are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Carmenère.

Best time to visit

If you're planning your wine trip to Maipo Valley, you'll be glad to know that the wineries in Maipo generally offer tours all year round . Harvest season for Cabernet Sauvignon, the most common grape in Maipo Valley is in April.
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How long to stay

Thanks to its proximity to Santiago, you can explore Maipo’s wineries in a day trip . We would also recommend combining a Maipo visit with hiking, rafting, other regional tours, or a city tour of the capital.
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How to get there

With Maipo Valley being a short distance away from Chile's capital, the most convenient airport to fly into is Santiago International Airport. If Santiago is your base, there are excellent wine tours in Maipo Valley you can book which leave from the capital.
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