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Best wine tours in Burgundy

Why Visit Burgundy?

Burgundy, or Bourgogne if you’re French, needs no introduction for wine aficionados and is one of the best places for a wine tasting holiday. This legendary wine region boasts a centuries-long viticultural history that, rather surprisingly, involved monks maintaining the earliest vineyards and dedicating their time to understanding wine production. Today, Burgundy is home to some of the most prestigious names in winemaking (none of whom are monks) and over 80 designated AOC areas – the most AOCs in the whole of France. Could there be any where better for a wine tasting tour?

Revered amongst wine lovers, Burgundy’s Côte D’Or region – which translates as ‘Golden Slope’ – produces some of the world’s most sought after and expensive wines. A landscape of vineyards interspersed with villages stretches from Côte de Nuits in the north to Côte de Beaune in the south. Each climat (plots of vine) is remarkably distinct, which has led to the region being granted UNESCO World Heritage status. The best way to get to grips with the complexity of Côte D’Or wines is to take a guided wine tasting tour from the historic capital of Dijon or the nearby town of Beaune.   

It’s not all about wine: Burgundy is also a mecca for foodies and an excellent place to enjoy a food tasting tour. Mouth-watering regional produce includes Charolais – considered to be the best quality beef in the country, an array of fantastic cheeses such as the renowned Epoisses, and Dijon mustard (of course!) Local specialities such as Boeuf Bourguignon, Coq au Vin and Oeufs en Meurette, unsurprisingly, utilise the magnificent local wines. As does the much-loved local escargot dish. If you’ve never eaten snails, this is the best place to try them!  

When you’re not sipping Chablis and snacking on snails, take time to appreciate Burgundy’s rich and colourful history. The region is awash with Benedictine monasteries and Gothic cathedrals, magnificent chateaux, and charming hilltop villages. Dijon is a beautiful, well preserved city to potter around and enjoy a leisurely lunch. Another not-to-be-missed sight is the historical Hospices de Beaune. Winerist can arrange private and group tours that intersperse wine tasting with cultural highlights.   

Don’t expect to turn up to a Burgundy winery for a tasting session without an appointment. Advance bookings are highly recommended. 

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