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Best wine tours in Languedoc Roussillon

Why Visit Languedoc Roussillon?

Languedoc-Roussillon is a land drenched in sunshine, wine and fascinating culture, so it’s little wonder that this colourful region of France is becoming ever more popular with tourists the world over. Whether you are an avid oenophile, a passionate foodie or a fitness fanatic, this expansive region offers something for every taste and budget. 

Languedoc-Roussillon is divided into five sub-regions and is bordered by Spain to the south, creating an intoxicating blend of Spanish culture intermingled with French tradition. The history of the region is ancient and fascinating, well worth exploring - a particular highlight is the numerous ancient Cathar castles dotted around the region. Many are open to visitors, some completely restored and others in ruins, each with its own unique and impressive history offering a fascinating insight into the heritage of this venerable region.

Wine lovers booking vineyard holidays to Languedoc-Roussillon will be staggered by the region's 300,000 hectares of vines - four times the size of Bordeaux! However, despite being the largest wine producing region in the world, this is also one of the least industrialised, a fact made evident by the vast areas of beautiful untouched countryside which awaits explorers around almost every corner.

Some of the world's very first sparkling wines were made in Limoux to the south of Carcassonne and have been produced there since the 13th-century.  There are numerous different wine regions producing a plethora of wine styles - some of the finest and best known include MinervoisLimouxCorbièresCabardes and Banyuls. In addition to wine tours and culinary adventures, the list of activities in the region is endless. There are three mountain ranges and water practically everywhere so you can do anything from spending the day on one of the beautiful beaches, to hiking and exploring the numerous caves under the mountain or even taking a helicopter ride if you fancy. 

With such fascinating history, beautiful landscapes and incredible cuisine, it goes without saying that there’s a lot to celebrate in Languedoc-Roussillon! From world-beating produce such as truffles, apricots and olives, to the long and venerable history of the region, and of course the plethora of outstanding wines, this is a part of France that truly has a festival to celebrate every occasion and suit every taste. Live music, parades, markets and even dragons and water jousting (not together ... although dragons doing water jousting is an event we'd all love to see) all have their place, and regardless of the occasion you’re guaranteed a good time. There are literally hundreds of festivals taking place throughout the region at all times of year, from Carcassonne to Narbonne and the legendary La Feria in Béziers, one of the biggest annual celebrations in all of France. It is well worth checking the calendar when booking a trip here to try and catch a celebration or two!

Plan Your Visit

Best Known Grapes

It will come as no surprise that the world's largest wine producing region is home to a plethora of different grape varieties. Some of the most popular grapes grown in Languedoc-Roussillon include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Mourvedre, Grenache, Syrah, and Viognier.
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Best time to visit

The best time to visit Languedoc-Roussillon for those wishing to experience the warm Mediterranean climate is between  mid-April and mid-October . However, the autumn and winter months have a lot to offer, with some of the best regional cuisine to be found around this time - if planning a pre-Christmas trip, don't miss the chance to participate in a traditional winter truffle hunt!
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How long to stay

A minimum of seven days is recommended in Languedoc-Roussillon depending on whether you're seeking a city break or a longer soujourn in the countryside. However, there really is no maximum amount of time you can stay as there is so much to discover and enjoy. Public transport is limited once you are out of the main urban areas and therefore a form of personal transport is strongly recommended. There are many car hire companies in the region available at very reasonable prices who can accommodate your needs.
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How to get there

There are five regional airports serving Languedoc-Roussillon:  Béziers ,  Nîmes , Carcassonne , Montpellier and Perpignan, e ach offering affordable flights from the UK and other European countries.  
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