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Best wine tours in Center of Portugal

Why Visit Center of Portugal?

It's time to discover the beautiful Center of Portugal, home to five extraordinary wine regions defined by their own unique characters, but brought together by exquisite flavours of wine. Each region, including Dão, Beira Interior, Tagus, Lisbon, and Bairrada, offers a variety of local wines which are produced by passionate and practised wine makers, all of whom warmly welcome visitors onto their estates to share their love for the wine experience. Of course, no two regions are the same, with an array of contrasting landscapes available to feast your eyes on as you explore the areas. You'll see everything from the sea to the mountains and the hillsides to the cities within a number of days, with vibrant vineyards visible amongst them all. To find your ideal wine tour in the Center of Portugal, click here


Wine tasting experiences in the Center of Portugal are endless; the Pereira da Fonseca family and a dedicated team at the Quinta do Sanguinhal winery in the Tagus Wine Region, for example, annually welcome thousands of wine visitors for tastings and tours. The estate is home to one of the earliest distilleries ever constructed in the area, complete with stunning column copper alembic stills. Unique to the Iberian Peninsula are the granite cellars with wood and granite screw presses, one of which dates back to 1871. Visitors can follow the wonderful wine routes through the regions, selecting to stop at a diverse array of wineries, from traditional, historical estates to modern architectural masterpieces. You'll find a warm welcome wherever you visit and plenty of opportunities to explore the wineries, meet the winemakers, and of course; taste the wine!


We advise you to go to as many of the local restaurants as possible to experience the excellent gastronomy of the Center of Portugal while you savour the region's wines. The regions in the Center of Portugal have outstanding eateries serving every type of cuisine imaginable. Of course, many of the top restaurants place a strong emphasis on the region's unique culinary heritage with ancient family recipes taking centre stage. If you're a fan of homemade preserves, make sure to visit Quinta do Côro in the Tagus Wine Region, a family business committed to producing high-quality goods from its own vineyards and orchards that are always manufactured from scratch without the use of preserves or food colouring. There is also the vibrant Praça da Fruta in Caldas da Rainha (the Lisbon region), home to the only daily open-air fruit and vegetable market in the entire region. Since the 15th century, this famous market has been conducted in the same location and has drawn local manufacturers in a true tribute to the finest and most genuine goods. You may find the traditional fruit market there. Every day of the year, without fail.


It is not just the wine and gastronomy that capture the essence of these regions: the cities and villages in each region are equally delightful, with history and culture available around every corner. Viseu city and the Santar Garden Village in Dão are must sees, as is the Historical Village of Castelo Rodrigo in the Estrela Mountain and the village Sardoal in the Tagus region. Each region is unique, and there are historical towns, the largest waves in the world, castles, canals, cherries, wine, and thermal springs throughout them. Every one should be known and appreciated. 

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