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The Basque Country
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Best wine tours in The Basque Country

Why Visit The Basque Country?

The Basque Country is one of Spain's most unique and romantic regions. Its language is the oldest in Europe, and the gorgeous mountain landscapes, rich history, delicious food and wines make this special area a must for visitors who are looking to see a different and unique side to Spain. 

The coast is outstandingly beautiful, full of quaint fishing towns like Getaria (home of great Txakoli wineries) and cities like San Sebastian, the pearl of the northern Spanish shore. Bilbao is renowned for its famous Guggenheim museum, but it also has a wonderful Old Town, full of pintxos bars - pintxos are small, tapas-like snacks served on skewers or toothpicks. Pintxos bars are all over the Basque Country, but San Sebastian and Bilbao are the best places to enjoy these delectable little morsels. And of course, Vitoria and its historical Old Town, with great pintxos bars, is best enjoyed with a glass of Basque wine.

On top of the great wines, there is also the extraordinary natural cider, or sagardoa. Apples and therefore cider have been present in the region for centuries, and the 13 million litres of cider produced here each year is consumed by locals and visitors alike with great enthusiasm. Natural Basque cider has its own tradition and terminology, and a rooted culture behind it, which is widely celebrated during the txotx season, where over 800,000 people visit around 80 local cider houses to pour cider directly from the barrel and enjoy with delicious traditional menus!

Plan Your Visit

Best Known Grapes

The popular grape varieties found and used in The Basque Country are Tempranillo and Graciano for reds.

Best time to visit

The best time to book your wine holidays to the Basque Country is in spring when the landscape looks beautiful, as well as September and October during harvest time.  Weather in the Basque Country is very unpredictable and it rains frequently, but the good thing is that there are no crowded areas and few tourist traps, if any at all.
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How long to stay

A minimum of three nights in the area is recommended, to enjoy and discover the great gastronomy and passion for wine in the area.

How to get there

The best airport to travel to when you visit the Basque Country is The Bilbao Airport (BIO)  located 9 km north of Bilbao. It is the largest airport in the Basque Country with many international flights over Europe, North Africa and Turkey.  
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