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Why Visit Valencia?

The bustling port city of Valencia sits prettily on Spain's eastern coastline. Beloved by travellers the world over, Spain's biggest port city and third-largest city overall is a beguiling mixture of Spanish history and modern culture framed against the backdrop glorious blue Mediterranean sea. It's a bustling, cosmopolitan city with all the charm and energy of bigger cities Madrid and Barcelona, but with a wonderfully unique character that means that this city truly is a place to fall in love with.

Everything and anything is possible here - whether you are seeking the finest of gourmet dining and five-star accommodation or a simple, authentic Spanish experience, Valencia has something for everyone underneath the glorious Spanish sunshine. The city is a pleasing blend of history and modernity, with the uber-futuristic Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias striking an impressively futuristic profile (the building houses various attractions including an aquarium and a 3D cinema), in sharp comparison to the magnificent architecture of the ancient Catedral de Valencia, which dates back to 1238. There are a huge selection of museums, exhibitions, cathedrals and churches to visit and enjoy, and there is also a very popular zoo called Bioparc which specialises in African animals housed in an interestingly innovative landscape.

The culinary scene in Valencia is also excellent, with an abundance of fresh produce constantly available thanks to the huerta, a flat, fertile agricultural plains which surround the city. Rice is an important part of the Valencian diet, with incredible seafood paella the ultimate lunchtime dish. Local specialities such as rabbit and langoustine feature heavily on menus, and as with many other parts of Spain the tapas scene is vibrant and exciting, with bustling bars full of cheery locals around every corner.

Plan Your Visit

Best Known Grapes

Valencía produces some red, white and rosé wines, although these tend to be more for domestic consumption than fine wine or exports. White wines are dominated by the Merseguera grape, whilst Monastrell and Garnacha Tintorera are the usual grapes in the region's reds.
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Best time to visit

Valencia is bathed in glorious sunshine and perfect temperatures all year round. However, the height of summer can feel baking hot in the middle of the city and so for a more temperate experience, avoid the months of July and August (and avoid the worst of the hordes of tourists at the same time!)  In March , the festival of Las Fallas San José sees the streets come alive. Local artists design the fallas  (enormous papier machê sculptures) which are exhibited in the streets against a backdrop of live music, fireworks, food and festivities ... and the festival culminates in each fallas being set alight!
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How long to stay

Valencia is ideal for long weekend breaks of 3 or 4 days . This should be plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the city, a laid back brunch or two and some glorious tapas!  

How to get there

Valencia Airport is approximately 6 miles from the city centre and is very well connected with the rest of Europe. Once you are in the city, it's very easy to get around on foot, train or by taxi.
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