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Conalbi Grinberg Casa Vinicola

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385 EUR per room
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15:00 - 11:00
Beautiful hills
Towels & Linen provided, Room cleaning, Garden, Parking, Air Conditioning, WiFi, Terrace
Wine tasting, Outdoor pool, Harvesting in the vineyard

Hotel overview

Experience the beauty of nature in this authentic country house in Mendoza. Surrounded by vineyards, olive farms, and stunning views as far as the eyes can see, this luxurious hotel belongs to the Conalbi Grinberg Casa Vinicola winery, one of the very first boutique wineries in Argentina. 


The hotel features only three rooms, so envelope yourself in the total privacy of the hotel, perfect for losing yourself in a romantic getaway. With beautiful rooms and stunning decor, you will be sure to have the most comfortable experience.


In the heart of the Mendoza wine region there are plenty of wineries to visit and sample first-class wines, but where better to start your exploration than in the hotel’s winery. Priding themselves on their unique methodologies for producing their first-rate wines, Conalbi Grinberg Casa Vinicola winery offers up a host of fine wines you can try from the comfort of your hotel.


Once you’ve had your fill of wines, treat yourself to a gastronomic experience prepared by the in-house chef. Taste authentic Argentinian family recipes with their menu of traditional dinners made using the finest, locally produced products. Pair this with one of the many wines on offer, and revel in the beautiful simplicity of this delicious meal.


Aside from being in the middle of one of the wine routes, you can also visit many olive mills and taste the different varieties. On top of this, there is a golf club only a few miles away, horse riding and polo. Soak up the beautiful views of the Argentine landscapes and marvel at the history and culture of this region.


Your hosts at the hotel are keen to make sure you have the best trip, and will help to accommodate any requests you might have during your stay. With customised tours available as well, you will be able to make sure you get the most out of your experience in Mendoza.

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Price per two people, per night, with breakfast



Argentina, Mendoza, Maza Sur St. 1848 corner Espejo St., (5517) Russell - Maipú, Mendoza

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