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Hotel overview

Discover Grace Cafayate, a luxury hotel, spa and residential villas development in Calchaquí Valley in the northwest of Argentina, just south of Salta. 

The hotel forms part of ‘La Estancia de Cafayate’, a secluded 1,360 acre residential and sporting estate in the heart of an area famed for its spectacular scenery, outstanding wines and equestrian sports.

Grace Cafayate comprises a main hotel building with 12 rooms and a further 20 Grace branded residential villas for sale. This luxury accommodation in Argentina is complemented by a beautiful restaurant with open kitchen and terrace, together with a swimming pool and a luxurious spa.

Cafayate is known not just as a small town of incredible natural beauty, but also as the wine capital of the north of Argentina and a must for anyone visiting the province of Salta. Connoisseurs are spoilt for choice with an exciting array of fine wines to be slowly savoured after a fine dining experience by the open fire of the hotel’s wine bar or in the cigar lounge, taking in the dramatic views of the Calchaquí Valley.

The luxurious spa not only offers an extensive range of treatments incorporating local ingredients known for their healing and detoxifying properties, but also an ideal sense of escape to nature with the famed Calchaquí Valley as a backdrop. The heated outdoor pool and whirlpool will complete the magical feeling of blissful serenity. 

The architecture at this luxury retreat embodies the usual discreet charm of Grace Hotels and, as with other hotels in the group, great care has been taken to pick up design cues from local traditions and to echo the dramatic surroundings of Cafayate and the Calchaquí Valley.

Hotel guests will have access to all the superb facilities at La Estancia de Cafayate that include one of the most prestigious golf courses in South America, a lively clubhouse and polo fields as well as access to the estate’s vineyards with special prices.

Grace Cafayate is perfect for anyone looking for a spa hotel in Argentina set amid awe-inspiring scenery.

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Deluxe Sunrise View

Deluxe rooms with sunrise view towards the vineyards and the mountains.

Grace Suites

The luxurious Grace Suites maximize comfort with a generously proportioned bedroom

Deluxe Sunset View

Deluxe rooms with sunset view towards the resort and the mountains.

Villa Deluxe Rooms

Spacious accommodation with furnished terraces overlooking the vineyards of the Estancia

Villa Master Suites

Master Suites have separate living rooms hot tub and terraces with sun loungers



Argentina, Salta, Ruta Nacional 40, KM 4340 (CP 4427) ? Cafayate, Provincia de Salta, Argentina

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