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Hacienda Historica Marchigue

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127 EUR per room
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15:00 - 12:00
Garden, WiFi, Airport transfers, Organic produce, TV, Parking, Bar, Laundry service
Wine tasting, Wine cellar, Outdoor pool, Horse riding, Gym

Hotel overview

Discover Hacienda Historica Marchigue, located in the Colchagua Valley, between the countryside and the sea. Experience a unique holiday, enjoy the best Creole cuisine and relax in a unique setting of vineyards, meadows and native forests.

Dating back to the 17th century, the Hacienda was originally a building that belonged to a congregation of Jesuit Priests and which has been restored, juxtaposing the classicism of that beautiful era with the comfort of the present time.

It has 40 hectares for hiking and horse riding, together with fruit orchards from which it sources the juices and jams that they offer to guests, a lamb farm and chickens for the eggs the chef serves for breakfast and meals. 

The Hacienda has 23 ample luxurious rooms, all more than 45 m2 on average, with green spaces and 3 family apartments with a 4 to 5 person capacity. Each room has marvelous natural wooden floors, top quality bed linen, designer furniture, individual climate control, work areas, cable TV, Wi Fi, and spectacular views of the gardens.

In a warm and tranquil setting, the menu is based on noble products from the central region, maximizing the benefits of the excellent, natural ingredients. For this reason the Hacienda has created ties with farmers, fishermen, and harvesters in the region to deliver locally sourced healthy and balanced food. 

Guests can enjoy a tasty spit roast lamb, beef ribs, various meats, and fresh fish are some of the options you can enjoy in a quiet and historical setting, in the barbeque pavillion. You can sample the best lamb in the country here.

Furthermore, visitors can enjoy a billiards game or a board game in the bar, and enjoy a variety of drinks, handmade liquors, excellent wines, and a delicious snack menu. 

The mysterious Cava del Brujo is home to a selection of the best wines of the region where you can enjoy regular wine tastings. The Hacienda has selected the best of the valley and continues to seek out new discoveries from the nearby vineyards.

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Chile, Colchagua Valley, Fundo los Maitenes, Marchigüe, VI Región

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