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Villa Vetrichina

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165 EUR per room
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15:00 - 11:00
Val d'Orcia, Natural SPAs, Val di Chiana , Borgo San Casciano dei Bagni
Air Conditioning, TV, Concierge service, WiFi, Restaurant, Parking
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Hotel overview

Discover Villa Vetrichina, a farmhouse built at the end of the 18th century, located in Siena, Tuscany.

Surrounded by an unspoiled natural landscape, the villa is just a short distance from San Casciano dei Bagni village, the most charming in Val d’Orcia.

Villa Vetrichina has undergone a lot of adjustments throughout the years until 2012 when a careful renovation was led following modern top-notch comfort and design. Natural materials sourced locally guarantee a high housing quality. 

Today Villa Vetrichina welcomes an intercontinental clientele, mainly from the USA. and also from Asia and India. In autumn and spring thermal waters are a big draw attracting Italian clientele fond of this marvelous corner of Tuscany where time has a special dimension and natural landscapes are unique. 

Villa Vetrichina is open all year round and can be rented in its entirety. During the festivities the atmosphere is truly magical, and the highly qualified staff provide first class service and hospitality.

Click for details of an enticing 4-day food and wine package at Villa Vetrichina.

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Dama Bianca

Located on the first floor of the villa, the room is the most elegant with luxury finishes. It is accessed from the Salone del Gran Camino. Possibility of an additional single bed for a child up to 10 years old (supplement of € 20.00). The bathroom has a Devon & Devon copper tub with hand shower

Photo of Dama Bianca

Barone Rosso

Photo of Barone Rosso

Salone del Gran Camino

Photo of Salone del Gran Camino

Le Papare

The room is on the ground floor and overlooks the large garden bordering the woods. Possibility of an additional single bed for a child up to 10 years old (supplement of € 20.00). It has a bathroom with a large shower covered in travertine marble.

Photo of Le Papare

I Sogni d'Oro

Photo of I Sogni d'Oro

La Turquesa

Photo of La Turquesa

Le stanze del giardino

Photo of Le stanze del giardino



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