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Et Cetera Guest House

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57 EUR per room
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14:00 - 12:00
Purcari Winery
Parking, Terrace, Restaurant, Towels & Linen provided, WiFi, Air Conditioning, TV
Outdoor pool, Wine tasting, Wine cellar

Hotel overview

Discover Et Cetera Guest House, situated in the South-East of Moldova, in one of the most favourable zones of the country for viticulture.

The Luchianov Family started growing grapes in 2003. The land was purchased in 2002 by Alexandru Luchianov, who named the estate Et Cetera. After the adventurous life travelling he decided to settle down where the roots come from. He became fanatically enthusiastic with his new passion, traveling to wine countries, adopting experience from foreign specialists, learning about vineyards and tasting wines, all of that to find the perfect taste.

In 2006, after 13 years of travelling, his brother Igor, decided to join him in this life adventure. In 2005, right after the first harvest and bottling, the wine won the gold medal at the local competition. After this huge appreciation brothers decided to invest in a winery and develop the Et Cetera Estate intending to enhance Et Cetera’s traditions of Excellence. In 2009, the winery was built. Using the combination of modern winemaking techniques and age old methods such as: ageing on the lees in barrel Et Cetera achieved unique bouquets, which won the wine lovers’ hearts.

The guest house has 6 modern and cozy room, each with a king-size bed, which can be separated in 2 different beds. Floor-to-ceiling windows let the huge amount of natural light in and give a splendid view on the winery’s territory.

Both the winery and the guesthouse, with their breathtaking views are open all year round. Guests can enjoy visits to the vineyard and the winery, covering grape processing, wine ageing and the bottling line, as well as a tasting of five wines directly from the barrel and home-made placinte (a local delicacy of puff pastry with ricotta cheese, potatoes or sour cherries).

Breakfast is included and lunch is also available with traditional Southern Moldovan dishes prepared from local ingredients, enjoyed in the vineyard or at the winemaker's cottage. 

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Standard single room. Breakfast included.

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Moldova, Stefan Voda, Crocmaz

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