A photo of Morgado Do Quintao Vineyard Cottages

Morgado Do Quintao Vineyard Cottages

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300 EUR per room
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15:00 - 12:00
Farmer's markets, supermarkets (5 min), Marinha and Albandeira beaches (15 min drive), Silves, Lagoa
Parking, WiFi, Towels & Linen provided, Terrace, Garden, TV, Air Conditioning

Hotel overview

Nestled between the rolling Algarvian Barrocal, the Monchique Mountains and some of the region's most dramatic beaches, Morgado Do Quintao Vineyard Cottages are the perfect place for a true, authentic Algarve experience. 

Tucked among the vines, olive, fig and almond orchards are four cottages available for short term stays. They embrace the heritage of the estate and the inherent connection to the land, while honouring a rustic and simplistic serenity. Each cottage has its own swimming pool, kitchen and land to roam around the estate with their own unique views of the surrounding landscape and the Monchique mountains. 

No less than a five minute walk from the main house you'll be able to spend the morning by the pool with a book from the library, or exploring the vines before sauntering up to the ancient olive tree for the farmers lunch or a wine tasting. In the afternoon make haste for the beaches close by or choose from a selection of enriching experiences which have curated with the commitment of sharing authentic stories and supporting the local community.

By act of renovation, the cottages are an exercise of preservation rather than transformation and a pursuit for a contemporary exploration of timelessness. Morgado Do Quintao is a creative, thoughtful place, one built with a combination of love for what’s beautiful and respect for what’s imperfect, all at once. In creating spaces that transcend aesthetic beauty, the cottages have been renovated, decorated and dotted with artwork by mother Teresa and other artists, curiosities, objects and furniture collected by the family, as well as pieces sourced from around the Algarve that have their own stories to tell and have found new purpose in their revival. 

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The Main House

As the largest house on the estate, The Main House is graced by the presence of a 2.000 year-old olive tree. Inside, a large living room and library is central to 4 beautiful bedrooms to retreat to after a day lounging on the lawn and dipping in the swimming pool or sat around our farmers’ table. 

The house can accommodate up to 10 people in 4 rooms, 3 of which have en-suite bathrooms.

3 night minimum stay in low season and 7 nights in high season.

Photo of The Main House

Gatekeeper's Cottage

The Gatekeeper’s cottage was renovated by us with local workmen and materials to savour its time old beauty. Around the house, wild flowers bloom in Spring and act as sole companions during your stay. Today the house can accommodate up to 8 guests, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

3 night minimum stay in low season and 7 nights in high season.

Photo of Gatekeeper's Cottage

Amendôa Cottage

The Amendôa cottage, shaded by almond orchards, looks out onto our Negramole and Castelão vineyard. Wildflowers grow at the edge of the glistening pool which separates the living spaces from orange sunsets that sink over the Monchique mountains on the horizon. Today the house can accommodate up to 8 people in 3 rooms with 2 bathrooms.

3 night minimum stay in low season and 7 nights in high season.

Photo of Amendôa Cottage

Bougainvillea Cottage

Built first in the 1920’s, we renovated the Bougainvillea cottage in keeping with the essence of a traditional Algarvian farmhouse. Rooms are a blend of old and new, designed to be minimal, comfortable, and functional yet stylish. Nestle in and watch the sun go down, sitting on your private terrace with a glass of Palhete ‘17. The cottage holds 8 people in 3 rooms, 2 of which have en-suite bathrooms

3 night minimum stay in low season and 7 nights in high season.

Photo of Bougainvillea Cottage



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