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Quinta de Guimarães

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70 EUR per room
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Check In/Check Out time
14:00 - 12:00
Santa Marinha do Zêzere
Room service, WiFi, Room cleaning, Organic produce, Towels & Linen provided, TV, Restaurant
Outdoor pool, Tennis court, Bicycle hire, Wine cellar, Wine tasting

Hotel overview

Quinta de Guimarães is a private manor house situated on the right side of the Douro river, at the border of Oporto wine region with Vinho Verde. The main building was built in the 1720s and displays the characteristics of Portuguese baroque style. 

The Quinta is part of a 40-hectare estate that has been involved in winemaking for 7 generations. With a passion for quality and excellence, the family launched the Cazas Novas wine brand in 2008, a fresh and floral wine with tropical flavours that goes perfectly with fish, shellfish, poultry or sushi.

You will be hosted either in the Apartment, a more private space with the possibility of self catering, or in the Main House for a more refined and peaceful stay. In the Apartment you can experience cooking on the wooden stove or you can choose the Main House to enjoy a drink on the balcony. All rooms have private bathrooms and daily breakfast is included.

With beautiful views over the Douro Valley and plenty of activities to choose from, Quinta de Guimarães has become a favourite for wine enthusiasts.

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Great room with two queen beds, with spectalcular garden/river views

Apartment for 4 Px

2 beds Apartement

Apartment 8 Px

4 bedroom Apartement + 3 Wc + living room + dinning room + kitchen

Main House

Big room with private bathroom, beautiful furniture



Portugal, Douro Valley, Lugar de Miguas - 4640-467,Santa Marinha do Zêzere, Portugal

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