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Discover Clos Figueras, a boutique B&B in the heart of Priorat country, just to the north of the famed town of Gratallops, overlooking the Montsant river valley.

The estate's name comes from 'Clos' because it consisted of 10 hectares all in one piece and the prefix to most of the new wines on the Priorat scene and 'Figueras' in honor of the two magnificent fig trees on the property.

The B&B is intimate, offering three comfortable rooms, two doubles and one suite. The sweeping views from the estate over the Ebro Valley and the mountains beyond are spectacular. Behind looms the Montsant mountain range and the famous “Hermita” hill and vineyard.

Clos Figueras also boasts an on-site family boutique winery, which hosts tours of the spectacular vineyards, as well as wine tastings.

Being open to the Ebro Valley the estate benefits from the cool breezes coming up from the Mediterranean, slowing down the grape maturation and of enormous benefit to the quality and style of the wines produced.

Owned by Christopher Cannan and headed up by his daughter, Anne Joséphine Cannan, this new wine and food complex is destined to become the hub of Priorat wine tourism.

Visitors can enjoy a winery tour, learn what ?s involved in producing Clos Figuerasprestigious wines and see how the barrels are put to age in a very unusual cellar.

Guests can enjoy a glass of wine in the restaurant or the lovely garden admiring the beautiful Ebro Valley.

Les Figueres restaurant specialises in Catalan tapas and ecologically local farmed products (local bread with their own olive oil, charcuterie, Catalan sausages and lamb) all paired with their beautiful wines.

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Spain, Priorat, Carrer de la Font, 38 - 43737, Gratallops, Priorat

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