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How to Remove a Red Wine Stain

07 Aug, 2018 | by Samantha Solomon. | 3 min read
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We’ve all been there. You’re throwing a party, hosting a shindig, or simply chilling on the couch watching Netflix, cradling a glass of red wine. One minute it’s all fun and games and the next… you’re shrieking at the top of your lungs because your brand-new beige carpet has just been drenched in Pinot Noir.

It’s no secret that red wine can and will stain. However, any wrong movement and the stain can set or be pushed deeper into the fibers. With all the home remedies floating around, it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t - some cleaning gurus swear by one treatment, while others swear by a completely different treatment. To put to rest what finally works once and for all, we researched many wine-be-gone possibilities and finally found a trick that is guaranteed to get rid of any red wine stain on any surface. It might sound crazy, but it is said to work better than just plain water. So, no need to panic! Read on for our tips on how to remove a red wine stain.


The Science

The theory is that white wine will dissolve the colour pigments that give red wine its signature hue. Red wine has pigments in it called anthocyanin that, depending on their pH level, appear more red, purple, or blue. These pigments essentially act like a naturally occurring dye, and the acids and tannins that accompany any decent Merlot or Malbec are bound to do damage as well.

Substitute for Water

Drenching the red wine stain in white wine will act much like water, filtering out the excess liquid. Make sure to hold the fabric taut, so that the white wine gets at as much rouge colour as possible.

Better for Blotting

Rubbing at the stain will only press that red liquid further into the fibers of your carpet or clothes! The white wine helps to make it easier to blot away at the stain. Try to alternate sections of the cloth so that you’re always hitting on a dry spot.

Set up a Base

With the white wine neutralizing the red wine pigments and flushing away the excess liquid, a perfect base is achieved for receiving deep-cleaning treatments. You can start with a 3-parts baking soda, 1-part water paste to eradicate the rest of the wine. Other deep-cleaning treatments include dish soap with hydrogen peroxide, or you can try a white vinegar and laundry detergent mix.

And if all else fails… you can drink the leftover white wine while you mourn the new, red stain now donning your favourite shirt or carpet.

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