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Diana Isac
Co-founder and CEO

Tatiana Livesey
Co-founder and CFO


Our story starts in Moldova, once the largest wine producing region of the Soviet Bloc. Also famous for the world’s largest underground wine cellars in the world, our cellars go as far as 200km of limestone tunnels.

We know each other from school (no, we are not sisters but get confused all the time!), and reconnected in London, where we both worked in the financial industry.

Growing up in the undiscovered / rural Moldova, we were exposed to off the beaten path experiences, such as harvesting grapes, cooking with a local grandma and the flavours of fresh fruit and vegetables which we experienced in abundance during our school holidays in the countryside.

Through our travels, we continued to discover new places and we quickly realised that the best way to discover a culture is through food & wine guided by locals.

Moldova wine travel

Why Winerist?

We know that an unforgettable trip is built on unique experiences with friends, family and local experts.

Winerist was born as a result of our passion and belief that wine and food travel can be simple, booked online or bespoke, without compromising on quality.


Why spend all your time on a busy bus tour, eat in a tourist trap restaurant when you can live like a local?

Winerist experiences are unique, from wine hotels in Puglia and making the perfect steak in Argentina to staying with winemakers in California and cycling through the vineyards of Chile.

Winerist [noun] (wayn-rist)

An individual who enjoys wine, food, travel and unforgettable experiences. A Winerist enjoys special wine tastings, stays in locations that will enable him/her to learn something new about the heritage, the food and, most of all, the wine of a certain region. A Winerist is just the kind of person who you would invite over for dinner or who you would have the perfect glass of wine with!

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