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Why Visit Croatia?

Croatia’s centuries old history of winemaking is relatively unknown to the wider world, so you may not have considered the country as a destination for a wine tasting holiday. However, Croatia produces exceptional wines, made by passionate winemakers who are immensely proud of the country’s viticultural traditions. It’s not just the wines that are exceptional, Croatia is home to impressive historical sites, a spectacular coastline lapped with crystal clear waters and delicious local cuisine.    

As well as being the original home of Zinfandel, Croatia boasts over 130 indigenous grape varieties which makes for some unique wine tasting opportunities. The grape names are unusual (and unpronounceable!) so the best introduction to Croatian wine is to book a wine tasting tour with an expert local guide. Over the past decade a new generation of Croatian winemakers are creating innovative wines that are gaining international recognition so it’s an exciting time to be visiting Croatia on a wine tasting holiday. 

Wine and food go hand in hand in Croatia. The freshest local seafood, sweet figs and grilled meat are perfectly paired with the locally produced wines. Istria, in particular, is a foodie’s heaven with an abundance of regional produce that includes both black and white truffles, wild asparagus, mouth-watering prosciutto, and top-quality olive oil. And oyster lovers should visit Ston to sample the country’s finest oysters. The Winerist team can recommend a food tasting tour to tantalise your taste buds.
Croatia is blessed with a beautiful natural landscape, so when you’re not feasting on local produce and sampling local wines, venture into the mountainous mainland, take a boat cruise to discover the many small islands or explore the eight national parks. History buffs will be wowed by the fascinating well-preserved ancient sites; beach lovers can choose from miles of coastline and still find deserted coves. 

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