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Best wine tours in Sicily

Why Visit Sicily?

The Italian island of Sicily boasts a history of vine-growing that can be traced back thousands of years and a seriously delicious local cuisine, making it the perfect holiday destination for wine and food lovers! Aside from fantastic wine and food tasting opportunities, Sicily has a fascinating history and diverse culture influenced by colonisers from the Greeks to the Arabs, and stunning natural beauty with idyllic beaches and smoking volcanoes. All compressed into a small triangle of land in the Mediterranean Sea.     

In the past, Sicilian wine production focused on quantity and the island’s best-known export was the fortified wine of Marsala. However, since the 1980’s innovative local winemakers have been working to improve the quality and profile of Sicilian wines, with a focus on the island’s indigenous grape varieties. Sicily now boasts one of Italy’s most exciting wine industries, making it a fascinating destination for a wine tasting holiday. 
A number of ambitious winemakers are braving the rumblings of Mt Etna – the highest active volcano in Europe. Etna’s rich volcanic soil, microclimate and high altitude combine to create a unique terroir that produces some of the best, most critically acclaimed wines on Sicily. Experience Etna’s best wines for yourself on a privately guided or small group wine tasting tour.  

Italy is not lacking in foodie destinations however Sicilian cuisine is like no other. The island’s fertile soils produce a plethora of full-of-flavour fruit and vegetables and the surrounding seas are home to an abundance of seafood. Sicilian cuisine takes these incredible ingredients and gives them an exotic twist with Greek, Arab and Spanish influences. Don’t leave without trying Arancini, Sfincione, Sicilian Cassata and the mouth-watering pistachio ice-cream. The best way to sample the variety of local cuisine in Sicily is on a guided food tasting tour or try your hand at cooking Sicilian dishes with a cooking class.  

The Ancient Romans brought their wine production techniques to Sicily and these traditions still exist on the island. Don’t leave without sampling wine that has been aged, not in oak barrels, but in earthenware pots. The Winerist team can tell you which wineries offer this traditional experience.

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