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Su Merced Hotel Boutique

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156 EUR per room
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14:00 - 12:00
Air Conditioning, WiFi, TV, Room service, Restaurant, Car hire, Terrace, Room cleaning, Towels & Linen provided, Laundry service, Concierge service, Airport transfers, Bar
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Hotel overview

The Su Merced Hotel is a beautiful boutique hotel in Santiago, Chile. The building itself retains its historic character, whilst the interior has been renovated to incorporate all modern comforts.

Located in the heart of the city between the lively Lastarria neighbourhood and the beautiful Forestal Park, it is the perfect location for guests to discover all the delights that Santiago has to offer. The surrounding area has excellent public transport  as well as a huge choice of pubs and clubs as well as restaurants serving sumptuous Chilean food.

The hotel boasts 9 luxurious rooms all offering a first-class stay with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A delicious, complimentary breakfast is provided for all guests to get your day of sightseeing and wine-tasting off to a hearty start.

From the hotel you will be able to book tours to explore Santiago and other areas of Chile. Knowing all the local operators, the hotel will be able to advise you on which tour best suits you, and with your requirements in mind they will help to organise a tour that will let you discover Chile in your own way. 

Nearby there is a range of activities and places to visit  from antique fairs, museums, cultural centers, art galleries and shops. Tradition and history are at the forefront of Chilean life in Santiago and you will be treated to a wealth of culture throughout your visit.

If something a little more sporty is more your cup of tea then there are mountain walks which offer stunning views of the local areas or you can even hit the slopes and go skiing.

Wine tourists will love the abundance of wineries and wine-tastings available. Again, this is something the hotel will be more than willing to help you with, so wine enthusiasts can drink their fill of delicious Chilean wines. 

Su Merced has its own restaurant, the Su Grill and Wine Bar where you can try sumptuous flavours from the grill, paired with one of the vast selection of wines on offer from the bar. 

Discover the beauty of Chile and indulge in all of the finer things in life at the Su Merched hotel. 

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Chile, Maipo Valley, Santiago, Coronel Santiago Bueras N°121, 832011

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